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Business Development Training Track

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Reverse-Engineer Your Ideal Business Development Position With A Certified And Targeted Training Program

“I wish I had access to the training materials before starting my current position. The program gives a general and yet very detailed overview of what business development is; how important it is for company growth, development, and annual revenue. The Business Development Training Track also covers the importance of being prepared for the interview process, knowing the history of the company you are applying to, and the culture of the company. Being hired is a value that you as a PhD add to the company. Therefore, it’s important to fit not only the job requirements but also the culture of the company to be successful in being hired and in the workplace and this program will help you set your job search strategy to achieve that. The program also breaks down the misconceptions around the BD role and clearly explains the dominant and diverse contribution that business development gives to small, mid-size, and big companies. Business development is fun! It’s about strategically planning a path of growth, thinking about the way of building relationships, creating a brand, being visible on the market, and, ultimately, sell a product and generate revenue. The Business Development Training Track will get PhDs the information they need to successfully transition to this field. ”

“I really appreciated the quality of the information provided by the Business Development Training Track. The program has a logical structure, which makes it easy to follow. The workbooks go directly to the point and are very professional (as usual from CSA). On top of the materials, the Business Development Training Track offers a private FB group, which will help members to make connections in the Business Development field and get personalized help.”

“The Business Development Training Track's materials offer a presentation of the Business Development field, roles, and expectations. The program content is easy-to-follow and highlights areas and critical skills needed for aspiring business developers. These materials will help many PhDs understand the responsibilities and contributions a BD can bring to companies of all sizes.”

The Business Development Training Track Is Designed for PhDs Who Want To…

  • Transition into a growing field that values professionals capable of building relationships with clients and other companies. 
  • Use your natural communication skills to help businesses grow and prosper
  • Gain clarity on how to break into the business development field.
  • Secure a position where you’re sought by recruiters offering high salaries. 
  • Learn how to convince managers that following your recommendations will benefit their companies. 
  • Get familiar with the terminology and approaches commonly used by business developers so you can impress future employers. 
  • Know how to set up a job search strategy to ensure you get into your target business development role.
  • Apply your analytical and scientific skills to solve real-life problems.
  • Learn how companies are organized and how business development plays a role in each of their departments.

The Demand For Business Developers is High, And You Don’t Need A Business Degree To Get Hired. You Just Need Your PhD…

Your knowledge—or lack thereof—will play a key role in your Business Development job search.

You may have a PhD, and you may understand that breaking into the field doesn’t begin with resumes.

But you need to increase your B-2-B knowledge and showcase specific skills to convince employers you can advance their business goals.

Even though demand for this position is high, you’ll need to master certain concepts to edge out your competitors and land your first Business Development position.


Average Salary Of Business Development Professionals Worldwide

  • The rate of hiring for business developers and analysts has increased 13% over the last 4 years, as companies have reported even a 5% increase in client retention has increased profits by 25-125% (Lexis Nexis).
  • The average salary for business development managers in the US is $127K. This goes to $165K once you gain some years of experience (
  • The business development market in the US and Europe, combined, are worth more than $60 billion and are growing at a rate of 3-4% each year (Harvard Business School).
  • Companies that hire business developers are considered high-growth firms, and have shown to grow 3X faster than average (> $70billion in combined revenue), and were 2X more profitable than their no-growth counterparts (High Growth).
  • Over 33% of companies use online platforms (blogs, social media presence) as an avenue to develop their businesses (Roth Associates).

Clinical Development Industry Market Growth

“As an active professional, the Business Development Training Track covers clearly and simply the main notions you need to know and understand for getting into business development. It is a great introduction and clarifies the position and roles within the BD field. The materials also offer a lot of tips that will help you prepare an efficient transition process. I would have appreciated to find all this information in one place back when I was still planning my own transition.”

“The Business Development Training Track contains a lot of useful information for PhDs wanting to transition into business development positions. The way it explains the Business Development department and how it differs from sales will help many PhDs avoid confusion when setting up their job search strategy. The program also covers the skills that you need you highlight when applying to Business Development positions and how to showcase them during the job application process. Finally, the options for career progression in the BD field are spot on, I have thought of these things on my own in the past.”

If You’re A PhD Looking To Transition Into Industry, See If You Answer YES To These Questions…

  • Do you want to understand how a company works and how different departments relate to each other?
  • Do you want to join an exclusive group of professionals who enjoy high salaries backed by job security?
  • Do you want to use the analytical and communication skills you developed in grad school to help companies build relationships with clients and grow over time?
  • Do you want to use your academic background to help create plans to increase the revenue of companies in a wide array of industries?
  • Do you want to communicate directly with management and decision-makers to help them understand what should be the next steps to achieve their company goals?
  • Do you want to have a high level of autonomy on the job and be able to work with high-management and different company departments?

Business Developers Form An Exclusive Group

Business Developers earn fantastic pay, interact with company leaders, and have a say in the most important decision that companies make to ensure growth over time.

But these are privileges that they’ve earned.

Members of this group speak their own language.

They know how to analyze data and build relationships to achieve a company’s goals.

Business developers work with all the departments of a company, upper management, and other companies to come up with long term business plans.

If you want to increase your chances of becoming a Business Developer, you can’t apply for this position blindly.

You need detailed information on your future position. During a job search, you can’t afford to show that you don’t know the difference between business to business and business to client relationships. You can’t risk revealing that you don’t know what the most relevant departments of a company are and how they interact with each other.

To avoid blunders like these, you’ll want to know what a typical day looks like for a business developer.


The Key Skills Employers Are Looking For In A Business Developer


Business Developers have a skill set that empowers them to meet the unique challenges of their position. Your future employer is looking for these qualities. You’ll want an insider’s perspective on how to demonstrate that you have the abilities needed to excel in your Business Developer role.

You probably know that Business Developers get the opportunity to interact with upper management and company clients. But if you don’t understand all the departments and factors that play a role in a business development strategy or you don’t know why building good relationships with clients is so important, you won’t get hired as a Business Developer.

As A Business Developer, You Will Help Companies In Different Industries To Build Relationships With Clients And Successfully Complete Their More Ambitious Projects

When it comes to how you envision using your PhD education, you probably have several key qualities you’re looking for in a job: flexibility, responsibility, professional respect…

Those are some of the reasons you’re attracted to a Business Developer position, but here’s something that’s just as important:

These opportunities along with flexibility aren’t confined to getting to work with different companies and clients across all industries.

Becoming a Business Developer can also provide an incredible amount of financial opportunities.

If you’re currently conducting postdoc work, this can seem too good to be true…

After all, you’re used to earning a salary far beneath your education.

The median household income is $61,937 (U.S. Census Bureau).

But even though you have a PhD, you probably earn well below that figure.

The national average for postdoc positions is $48,759 (glassdoor).

But when you become a Business Developer, you will be among the most sought-after professionals across all industries with financial opportunities you’ve never known before.

The average annual salary for an entry-level Business Developer in the U.S is $127,559 (

And don’t forget that this is for entry-level positions.

According to, senior Business Development positions pay $165,000 on average.

Additionally, your work as a Business Developer will allow you to rapidly build valuable business skills and a large and diverse professional network.

This will give you the opportunity to branch out into any future role of your choice or go into management.

3 Important Reasons To Join The Association's Diamond Program...

You Want To Play An Active Role In Making The Decisions That Will Determine If Companies Thrive Or Fail.

As a Business Developer, you will help develop key relationships and strategies that could make or break a company. You will have the opportunity to help companies in different industries shape their businesses and move forward.

You Want To Influence Different Industries And Have A Big Picture.

When you’ve spent years in the lab, you may feel that all your efforts are going towards a very limited field of knowledge that only a few people in the world can understand. As a Business Developer, you will get the opportunity to work with different industries: biotech, biopharma, communication, manufacturing, etc. This will give you a big picture of business in general and allow you to apply your broad knowledge.

You Want To Feel That Others Appreciate The Work You Do And Your Leadership Skills.

More than likely, your current doctoral or postdoc environment feels confining, restrictive, and limiting. And you feel that your PI and others in academia take your work for granted. As a Business Developer, you will be part of an elite group of professionals who make the most relevant business decisions. You will be a leader and get to shape the future of companies in different industries.

The Business Development Training Track Can Pay For Itself In 2 Days Or Less Once You’re Hired.

A Business Development Position Has You Earning Over $2,000 Per Week And Over $300 Per Day…

If joining the Association’s Diamond Program puts you in the field even one week sooner, the investment will have been worth it.

After that one payment, you’ll have access to all Cheeky Scientist’s training materials, and if you secure your position, you can share your insights with other PhDs like you.

The Business Development Training Track Includes An Ongoing Board Certification To Ensure You Are Always Certified As A Trained Business Developer

The Business Development Training Track was created and is maintained by a board of Business Developers.

As such, each module includes a board-certified exam, and once you pass all exams, you will receive a certificate from our board.

The Business Development Training Track Mission

In the Business Development Training Track, we’re committed to supporting you on your journey to landing a top Business Development position by providing you with advanced, actionable strategies for success.

To do just that, we’ve provided extensive training from current industry professionals, leading-edge resume templates, and guidance by an intimate group of practicing Business Development professionals and other PhDs aspiring to the role.

We understand why you want to break into this industry.

You want to help businesses achieve their goals.

You want to help leaders make decisions driven by information.

But here’s the reality…

Just because this field is growing doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive.

Frankly, you’re going to need more than a cursory knowledge of the Business Development field to make the best impression on your future employer.

It’s our goal to help you do just that.

The information we’re providing—from training videos to resumes—is laser-targeted for the Business Developer position and is exclusively for PhDs. 

There are nuances to the Business Developer role that you will find nowhere else.  

The Business Development Training Track was built by industry professionals who are familiar with the role’s nuances. They can provide you with tools and advice on how best to secure the position.

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to receive an understanding of what your employer is looking for.

In the Business Development Training Track, we provide extensive training and personalized support. Our materials are specifically designed to help you showcase both your natural talents and your PhD expertise so you attract the attention of leading companies.


As A PhD, You Can Transition Into Business Development

You earned your PhD with knowledge and hard work.
Achieving a Business Development position is no different.
You have the work ethic to make this happen.
You simply need targeted, laser-focused knowledge of the position.
We’re here to decrease your learning curve.
And our goal is the same as yours: securing that Business Development job.
We’ve done it.
We’ve helped other PhDs do it.
And you can do it too.
We’re inviting you to join the Association’s Diamond Program.
Now is the time to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


The Business Development Training Track Is A Group Of Practicing Business Developers And PhDs Like You

Our exclusive group is private and provides a number of Business Developer mentors, ensuring we can provide personalized guidance.

The training is hyper-focused and the private group support will prepare you for the unknowns of interviewing for a Business Developer position.

In the private group, top Business Developers currently working in industry are committed to providing a high level of service within this intimate community.

This means you’ll enjoy a high ratio of mentors to members.

You’ll appreciate how the Business Development Training Track is designed to provide personalized guidance and swift feedback.

Imagine Walking Into Your First Business Development Interview, But You Don’t Know…

  • What the difference between B2B and B2C is. This causes you to panic when you hear how often the term is used by the hiring manager during your interview.
  • What is the difference between Business to Business and Business To Customer relationships, causing you to make statements that reveal you have little knowledge of the field.
  • What questions to ask to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the role you’re applying for, which means other—more prepared—candidates leave a better impression with the company and edge you out of the job.
  • The terms and vocabulary that Business Developers use on a daily basis, which makes it difficult to articulate the value of your academic background and show that you would easily transition into industry.
  • Information about your day-to-day responsibilities, how Business Development looks for different company departments, and what are the goals of the company you are applying for. This causes you to ask questions during the interview that reveal you have only the most basic information on what your role will entail and what you’ll be expected to accomplish.

The Business Development Training Track Guarantees You Will Get Hired Into Industry No Matter Your PhD Background…

…The Business Development Training Track can translate your field of study into an industry position that puts you on the front lines of companies working with leading enterprises across industries.

Your PhD has given you the academic training that’s critical for securing these jobs.

But the Business Development Training Track can help you prove that fact to employers.

We’ll give you information that’s uniquely relevant to business development – not management consulting, data science, or any other position.

The result is intensive, concentrated training that reveals how to integrate your academic background, your transferable skills, and your knowledge of the field into behaviors that will help you land a position.

When You Join The Association’s Diamond Program, You’re Joining A Program Designed Around Skills That Helped Other PhDs Land Their Industry Jobs

The Business Development Training Track was built on tried and true principles that other – current – business developers used to land their positions. 

The program is run by business developers who’ve landed industry positions and know which skills you’ll need to leverage to improve your chances of being hired. 

On top of that, the skills you’ll learn in the training were those that other PhDs just like you used to land their first business development position to bring personalized recommendations for business growth to companies in all sectors.

Now that these business developers have used their training to successfully transition into industry, they can look back on what helped them secure their business development job.

The Business Development Group Provides Targeted Support

Joining the Association’s Diamond Program lets you tap into targeted support from the industry professionals who oversee the program and former students who’ve now landed industry positions.

In the privacy of the online group, you’ll be able to ask questions about your resume, gain insights into interview experiences from transitioned professionals, and interact with like-minded PhDs. That means you can engage in conversations on questions, topics, and challenges relevant to your desired position.

This group is also exclusive. Only Cheeky Scientist members can see and respond to the messages in the private group.

The exclusivity of the group allows you to freely share ideas with fellow PhDs, request referrals from other professionals, and get the advice you need when you encounter challenges.

You’ll get immediate access to a top industry professional network exclusively for PhDs once you join…

Here’s The Targeted Training You’ll Receive From The Business Development Training Track...

Module #1 

Business Development: What You Should Know

You know you want to be a business developer, but you aren’t completely sure of what the role encompasses nor which companies hire business developers. This module covers…

  • What business development is and what the role of a business developer encompasses. You’ll get insights on the importance of business development in each department of a company, and what the goals of business developers are.
  • What is a business plan? You will learn why companies need a business plan and how business developers influence this plan. You will also explore the bottom line of business development and what an outstanding business developer should know.
  • How a business development role is different from a role in sales. This module presents the difference between business development and sales, what are the goals of these two departments, and how they interact with each other.
  • The importance of business development. This module will show you why companies need to invest in business development and why a good business development strategy can make or break a company.

Module #2 

A Day In The Life And Relevant Skills

You want to know what being a business developer looks like and the keys to success in this position. This module covers…

  • What a day in the life of a business developer looks like. This module explores the main activities that business developers must perform on a day to day basis. It also discusses how to perform each of those tasks efficiently.
  • Salary expectations for business developers. This module gives some insights into the salary expectations of business developers working in different positions and different industries.
  • The types of skills that business developers need. Business developers need a combination of transferable and business skills to succeed in their role. This module dives deep into the most relevant skills for business developers, how they are measured in the role, and how you have developed most of them during your PhD.

Module #3

The Business Development Job Search Process

When it comes to securing a job offer as a business developer, you can significantly improve your chances with the right techniques. This module covers….

  • Key strategies to build a network that will help you transition into the business development field. Most business development positions are filled through referrals, so you need to have a strong network in place before you start applying. This module will cover the basics of networking, how to set up informational interviews, and how to generate referrals.
  • Critical insights into how to craft a LinkedIn profile and resume that make you look like an experienced business developer and help you improve your visibility and credibility to industry professionals.
  • What the business development hiring process looks like, from phone screens to on-site interviews. This module goes through the different rounds of the interview process and gives valuable insights on how to prepare for each of them.
  • Questions to prepare and questions to ask. You’ll also learn what critical questions you can expect during the interview process, and how to answer those questions to ensure you wow employers.


Module #4

Career Progression In Business Development

What steps can you take to continue growing professionally and personally once you secure a position as a business developer? This module covers…

  • The differences between Early Stage Startups, Growth Stage Startups, and Established Companies. The business development plan of a company varies greatly depending on its size and position in the market. This module will show you what business developers should consider when targeting each of these company types.
  • The onboarding process. A good onboarding process plays a significant role in employee retention and job satisfaction. This module presents the most relevant aspects of the onboarding process and what you can do to ensure your onboarding is successful.
  • How to progress in your business development career. The business developer position offers many opportunities for career growth. This module examines which vertical moves are more common for business developers and what climbing the vertical ladder looks like for this position.
  • What your future may hold as a business developer. Understand the different career paths you can take once you gain experience in business development. This module will help you understand the potential horizontal moves you can make and how they relate to your business development and PhD experience.


As Soon As You Join The Association’s Diamond Program , You Will Also Get Immediate Access To The Following…

  • A complete guide that provides practical information on the business developer role and responsibilities, important industry topics, company culture, and more. You’ll enter the job search knowing exactly what you’re looking for and the expectations of your future employer.
    • The Business Development Training Track describes what you’ll experience in a typical week – from how to build trust with clients, to deciding when is the best time to travel. Instead of entering your interview wondering what you don’t know, you’ll be prepared to ask important questions so you can determine if you’d accept a job offer from the company.
    • Discover what kind of position would best suit your academic background and personal interests and get important information on how to gauge a company’s business culture. Insider tips will help you make savvy decisions as you vie for a business development opening.
    • Understand the make-or-break skills essential for business developers so you know how to effectively position yourself. Discover how to translate your natural analytical and communication skills into insights to help a company grow over time.
  • Detailed information on how to address any business problem. With the Business Development Training Track, you’ll gain knowledge that shows a potential employer that you’ve done your homework and you’re prepared for a successful transition into industry.
    • Understand all the steps you must take once you receive a problem, what data you should ask for and what questions you should ask your client and your company, and how to analyze that data to provide the most accurate recommendations.
    • Learn how to go through the process of analyzing a business, how to interact with the clients and different departments, and how to communicate with stakeholders at all steps of a project.
    • Discover how to translate your knowledge of the business development position into questions that will impress your future company. The training provides important advice to help you showcase your knowledge and passion for the field.
  • Access to a private online group: an exclusive circle of business developers and fellow PhDs where you can communicate about critical topics, request referrals and ask for the input of other business developers. Only Cheeky Scientist members are allowed access to this group.
    • Gain guidance from practicing business developers on your upcoming interview, your newly created resume, or your recent job offer. They’re in the field and can provide advice that’s targeted for your specific needs and questions.
    • Enjoy meaningful conversations with other PhDs in the group to discuss the latest development in your job search, your current challenges, and more. Learn from PhDs who’ve made the transition and ask for referrals.
    • Leverage the private group to find other management consultants or PhDs you can connect with. Find members by their name, location, educational background, or other characteristics to aid your job search.
  • Comprehensive training that takes you from understanding the management consultant position to securing your first job. After laying a thorough foundation for your position, the Business Development Training Track will cover everything from networking to how to practice for your job interviews so you’re prepared for the hiring process.
    • Over the course of four modules, you’ll enjoy information-packed workbooks, numerous training videos from business developers, and exams to help you cement the concepts covered. Your training is a crash course on what you need to know to improve your chances of securing a position.
    • Discover effective techniques for successfully pinpointing the best companies, targeting your resume for business developer positions, conducting informational interviews, and more. The Business Development Training Track will show you how to tailor your job search for a Business Development job offer.
    • Discover the career options available to business developers. With the Business Development Training Track, you’ll be able to look ahead into the future opportunities your new position may create.
  • What you need to know about communication as a business developer, no matter your level of extraversion. The training will underscore the communication techniques that will make a positive impression on your future company and will uniquely qualify you for the role.
    • Gain critical insights into the skills needed to successfully transition from your postdoc work to life as a business developer. The training will show you how to showcase the skills that will get you hired.
    • Discover what hiring managers are looking for during interviews. With the Business Development Training Track, you’ll get important tips for how to conduct yourself so you distinguish yourself from other candidates.
  • Extensive training resources that help you learn in a variety of ways about the business developer role.
    • The Business Development Training Track provides instant access to extensive video training from business development professionals. You’ll also gain workbooks, video transcripts, and business developer resume templates.
    • The end of each module provides an exam to solidify the concepts you’ve learned during your training. The training will also provide monthly webinars on important topics relevant to your business developer job search.

The Training Track Is NOT For You If...

You Don’t Want To Be involved In Generating Revenue For Your Company

You are a hardworking employee, always delivering projects on time and giving your best, but the finance part of a company doesn’t interest you.

You just don’t feel a need to know how your hard work relates to increasing revenue for a company or a client.

If you are not interested in the business side of things and the strategies companies use to generate revenue, then the Business Development Training Track is not for you.

The Business Development Training Track is for PhDs who can understand the complex dynamics of a company and analyze different data to propose strategies for growth.

You Prefer To Focus On Small Details, Rather Than Seeing The Big Picture

You probably have already worked with this person.

They are perfectionists and don’t mind spending hours fixing small details, even if that means putting a whole project behind schedule.

Successful business developers need to understand the whole business plan of a company and relate that into strategies to increase revenue. This doesn’t mean that some attention to detail isn’t useful, but if you can’t keep the big picture in mind at all times, then the Business Development Training Track is not for you.

The Business Development Training Track is for PhDs who want to understand the complex dynamics of a company and its clients to come up with long term plans for success.

You Like To Have A Fixed Work Routine

You like to have a 9-5 job and a constant workload throughout the year.

You like to always know what projects you’ll be involved in, so you can plan ahead and distribute your workload as regularly as possible.

As a business developer, you will have to adapt your schedule to the needs of your companies and clients. This means that you need to remain open to periods of high demand when you have to work extra hours or have a busy travel schedule.

If you like regular workflow and fixed schedules, then the Business Development Training Track is not for you.

The Business Development Training Track is designed for people who want to adapt to an unpredictable routine and go all in on every new project.

Get Access To The Business Development Training Program & Network

If you’re determined to be a Business Development Professional and you’ve chosen the Business Development Training Track to make that happen, we’d like to welcome you.

As practicing Business Development Professionals who oversee the Business Development Training Track at Cheeky Scientist, we know firsthand the challenges you face, the questions you have, and the information you’ll need to succeed.

We’re ready to empower you to make the transition, and we hope to meet you in the private group soon.

To your success,
The Business Development Professionals at Cheeky Scientist


Alessandra Audia, PhD

Business Development Manager at Champions Oncology

Gad Sabbatier, PhD

Project Leader in Innivation and Business Development at Sovar

Elaine Lima de Souza, PhD

Business Development Manager at Macrogen Europe

Kevin Adam, PhD

Business Development Manager at Keen Eye

Kalpana Ramakrishnan, PhD

Business Development Manager at Enteris BioPharma

Santi Suryani Chen, PhD

Business Development Manager at Champions Oncology

Manindra Singh, PhD

Senior Manager, Business Operations at Absorption Systems

We help PhDs from every discipline get into many different types of careers, including Business Development Federation.

We show you how to leverage the skills you already have to get hired into a myriad of industry jobs, including Business Development Federation.

We show you how to get the job, not how to do the job because each company has their own proprietary systems and will teach you how to do the job through on-the-job training.

But, before you can get this training, you have to get hired first.

That’s where we come in.

We will guide you on how to use your PhD to get hired into Business Development Federation.