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If you're a PhD struggling to get absolutely need this book!

- Camillia Smith Barnes, PhD, Google

Effectively turns the whole job searching process on its

- Harshavardhan Sundar, PhD, Amazon

I wish I could have read this book a year before I

- Brenton Ware, PhD, Medtronic

About The Book

Imagine never having to work in another dead-end academic program again.

Imagine updating your LinkedIn profile to tell the world that you are now in a leadership position within a thriving industry company.

What would it be like to have all your years of hard work in academia finally pay off?

The Power of a PhD book

Dr. Isaiah Hankel's book, The Power of a PhD, leverages his expertise as the CEO of the world's largest career training platform for PhDs, Cheeky Scientist, to help PhDs overcome their biggest obstacle: obscurity. According to Hankel, PhDs are in demand within many industries—but often, these PhDs are invisible to potential employers.

The Power of a PhD is the stepwise blueprint that 18 million PHDs worldwide are seeking. Dr. Isaiah Hankel's approach provides a consistent and proven methodology that allows PhDs to transition into a new industry without suffering through the painful process of trial and error.

Hankel's 8 core steps within The Power of a PhD include:

1. Industry career options for PhDs

2. Communicating the right skills

3. Writing industry resumes

4. Mastering LinkedIn profiles

5. Networking and job referrals

6. Generating informational interviews

7. Acing industry interviews

8. Salary negotiation and onboarding

Could you be the next PhD hired at Amazon, Google, Apple, Intel, Dow Chemical, BASF, Merck, Genentech, Home Depot, Nestle, Hilton, Tesla, Syngenta, the CDC, UN or Ford Foundation?

"I started by updating my resume to the format prescribed by Isaiah in this book. My prior resumes did not lead to a single phone screen. Not one. Once I made these changes, however, I got invited to a phone screen two out of every five jobs that I applied to."

- Ravikiran Ravulapalli, PhD

"The Power of a PhD addresses the pain experienced by PhDs all over the world when they start thinking about transitioning to industry jobs. Isaiah Hankel sets out to alleviate this pain by clearly laying out the rules of the game. The book is filled with rich insights into what employers are looking for and what PhDs must do to effectively distill their experience and bring out the most relevant aspects of their experience and interests in their job search. Isaiah effectively turns the whole job searching process on its head by working backwards from the employer's perspective rather than following a forward-looking plan from the perspective of a PhD scholar. Isaiah not only lays out a blueprint for what a PhD should do to make the job searching strategy a delightful endeavor, but also shows the reader what not to do in their own job-hunting process. Having personally followed the book's strategy, I can vouch for how successful its job hunting process was for me. I highly recommend reading this wonderful book to any PhD who wants to make their job-hunting process a systematic and well-oiled machine!"

- Harshavarhan Sundar, PhD, Amazon

"The Power of a PhD is the no nonsense tough love kick up the backside that so many of us PhDs need as we navigate our way into a new and unfamiliar world. Dr. Isaiah Hankel draws from over a decade of experience supporting tens of thousands of PhDs in their transitions to successful industry careers. He distills the most essential key learnings into accessible bite sized digestible guidance that anyone with a PhD can leverage to boost their career development regardless of the specialty or direction. As a PhD in my fourth industry role, I found the take home messages are still relevant as I continue to adjust and adapt to diverse teams who have varying levels of experience working with PhDs and who may still need appropriate communication in order to understand our value. This work is a brilliant contribution to our community and one that will serve to lift up PhDs for years to come."

- Rebecca Sweet, PhD, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

About The Author

Isaiah Hankel, PhD

Isaiah Hankel, PhD

is the Founder and CEO of the largest career training platform for PhDs in the world - Cheeky Scientist. His articles, podcasts and trainings are consumed annually by millions of PhDs in many different countries. He has helped PhDs transition into top companies and institutions like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, Amazon, Google, Apple, Intel, Dow Chemical, BASF, Merck, Genentech, Home Depot, Nestle, Hilton, SpaceX, Tesla, Syngenta, the CDC, UN and Ford Foundation, as well as many others. Dr. Hankel's methods for getting PhDs hired have been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Nature, The Guardian, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine and Forbes.

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