Promotions Acceleration Key

Fast-Track Your PhD Career Progression With One-On-One Consulting, Conference Calls, & An Exclusive WhatsApp Group

Introducing The Promotions Acceleration Key

Get The Personalized Guidance And Structure You Need To Accelerate Your Promotion And Plan The Next Steps In Your Career Progression

Here's A Sneak Peek At What Members Of The Promotions Acceleration Key Get Access To...

The Promotions Acceleration Key Provides Extensive Support For PhDs Who Have Transitioned Into Industry And Are Aiming For Their Next Promotion But Are Facing Special Challenges, Including…

  • PhDs who are pursuing their first industry promotion. You know you are ready for a promotion and a raise. However, you don’t have any experience with promotions in industry and aren’t sure where to begin.
  • PhDs who’ve made faulty assumptions about career advancement. Maybe you expected your manager to reward your hard work or your length of service to the company with a promotion. Then, someone else got promoted instead. You realize you’re missing something when it comes to getting a promotion, but you don’t know what.
  • PhDs who struggle to pitch themselves. You learned how to sell yourself during your industry transition. You know you need to continue to tout your accomplishments to advance in your career, but you still feel uncertain when it comes to self-promotion.
  • PhDs who have hit a sticking point. You’ve started assembling your case for a promotion, but you aren’t satisfied with some of its components. You realize that access to external input from a career advancement expert can make the difference between winning or losing your case.
  • PhDs who aren’t sure how to quantify their impact. While other PhDs’ work is highly quantitative positions, yours is not. You know your work adds value to your company, but you aren’t sure how to gather data that showcase that value.
  • PhDs whose work lacks an obvious connection to company revenue. Some jobs involve direct handling of company funds and budgets while others do not. Your role’s impact on company revenue is indirect and therefore a case for your promotion isn’t obvious.
  • PhDs who need to improve their professionalism. You are driven to climb the career ladder, but your academic environment during your PhD failed to foster the level of professionalism expected in industry. You know you need to act like a savvy industry employee in your pursuit of a promotion and would benefit from specific strategies for doing so.
  • PhDs who don’t know the key transferable skills for a higher-level position. You know transferable skills are valuable in industry, but you aren’t sure which leadership, business, communication, or other “soft” skills are essential for the role into which you want to be promoted.

The Promotions Acceleration Key Provides Increased Access To Don Asher, PhD, And The Cheeky Scientist Team

The Promotions Acceleration Key gives you intimate, one-on-one access to internationally acclaimed professional development expert Don Asher, PhD, and members of Team Cheeky like Isaiah Hankel, PhD, and Vinojini Nair, PhD.

Every week, you’ll turn in your Promotions Acceleration Key workbooks. Then, Don Asher and the rest of the team will walk through your workbook answers in real-time during our conference calls.

We probably don’t need to tell the difference that Don Asher can have in your career, you probably used his training materials to negotiate your salary when you got your first industry positions. Now, for the first time, we are giving you one-on-one access to Don’s knowledge on career progression, exclusively for PhDs.

You’ll also get access to an advanced, one-of-a-kind WhatsApp Promotions Acceleration group. With our WhatsApp Promotions Acceleration group, you’ll have another channel for accessing our team of consultants and asking us questions.

Thanks to the Promotions Acceleration Key system, you’ll get the personalized feedback and data you need to ensure you overcome your unique sticking points and secure a promotion.

Hundreds Of Cheekies Have Used Don Asher's Methodology To Negotiate Their Salaries, Now For The First Time, Get Personalized Access To Don's Methodology To Get Promoted

An article in the Entrepreneur explains…  

“The American Society of Training and Development found that people are 65 percent likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Their chances of success increase to 95 percent when they build in ongoing meetings with their partners to check in on their progress.”

The Cheeky Scientist Association or one of out advanced programs helped you gain the knowledge you needed to transition…as well as a support network thanks to our private groups.

It’s helpful to browse the materials in your CSA dashboard and interact with other CSA members online.

But that isn’t the same thing as accountability.

The CSA membership or the advanced programs don’t include a formalized structure to hold you accountable for your training and continued professional development after you transition. Once you land your first industry role, you can pursue advancement in your sector…or stay settled in your position.

This autonomy might work fine for some PhDs…but it may be less than ideal for others.

In fact, research indicates that having a small group to hold you accountable increases your chances of turning your objectives into reality thus accelerating your goals – like getting promoted and increasing your salary.

Here are some details that highlight how the intensive training structure is designed to help you take ownership of your case for a promotion.

An Overview Of The Layers Of Support You’ll Receive With The Promotions Acceleration Key

Live Video Conference Calls With Don Asher, PhD, And Our Team Of Consultants

  • Discover Data That Informs Your Career Advancement Efforts. The Promotions Acceleration Key gives you an opportunity to be on live conference calls with Don Asher. These calls aren’t pre-recorded sessions or webinars. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to Don cover topics relevant to promotions and career advancement in real-time.
  • Stay accountable. Enjoy a structure for implementing key promotion activities. Your conference calls will include instruction—as well as homework you need to complete.
  • Get an in-depth look at strategies to take control of your career destiny. As a PhD looking to advance in your chosen industry, you probably wish you had a deeper understanding of what puts employees on the fast track for climbing the career ladder. The Promotions Acceleration Key will give you access to this information to bolster your career advancement efforts. Team Cheeky closely monitors data on the job market and promotions for top industry positions, and we will share these data with you on the conference calls. We might discuss new trends we are seeing worldwide, insights into selecting the perfect time to make your pitch, and any other piece of data that will help you accelerate your promotion.
  • Generate fresh ideas for building the case for your promotion. If you’ve never asked for a promotion before and/or struggle with self-promotion, you might need help realizing what data you can use to prove the value you add to your company and hoe you can increase that value if given a position with more responsibility. Take advantage of our conference calls to find creative ways to move forward. During the calls, you will learn how companies make promotions decisions that apply to your case, a strategy for winning a promotion that is a great fit for your situation, and how to work smarter, not harder, as you vie to become one of the top professionals in your chosen industry.

Personalized One-On-One Consulting & Accountability Documents

  • Establish your specific goals and the next steps you want to take in your career and identify the obstacles you are facing as you pursue a promotion by filling out the intake form. This will help you come up with a personalized road map that you will follow during the program.
  • The form will also provide our team of consultants with detailed information about your specific situation and how we can help you overcome your roadblocks and accelerate your career advancement.
  • With this information, we will have a better idea of where to focus our attention during the weekly conference calls.

Personalized “Next Session” Workbooks

  • Use the Next Training Session workbook to record the measurable actions you want to accomplish in between sessions and the accomplishment(s) you achieved in the last session. This will help track your progress. More importantly, it will help you establish achievable, short-term goals that will add up to your long-term goal of landing a promotion. These are the keys to being accountable.
  • During the conference calls with Don, you will review the Next Training Session workbooks and discuss which next steps are more likely to get tangible results.
  • The information recorded in your workbook will allow our team to provide you personalized advice so you can make the right decisions.

Access To Our International WhatsApp Promotions Acceleration Key Group

  • Communicate with our team using a highly popular app. Just like your CSA or advanced program membership, the Promotions Acceleration Key gives you access to a private group. You can communicate with our consultants and other Promotions Acceleration Key members via WhatsApp.
  • Receive one check-in each week. Our private groups are very active and our team and the program leaders post multiple times each day. However, in our WhatsApp group, Promotions Acceleration Key members receive a single piece of career advancement advice per week.
  • Enjoy a same-day answer guarantee. When you send us a question on WhatsApp, we will reply to your comments on the same day.
  • Interact with a smaller group. The Promotions Acceleration Key offers you an intimate group to interact with fellow members and consultants, which will ensure you get the personalized guidance you need to plan your promotion and successfully negotiate with your manager.

If Your Challenges Seem Bigger Than Your Current Career Advancement Knowledge & Confidence, Consider That…

There’s No Cookie-Cutter Promotion Pitch

Maybe you know several PhDs who got promoted within a year of their first transition into industry.

Maybe your fellow PhDs didn’t experience the challenge of needing to quantify qualitative work to gather data for their case.

Or perhaps the experiences of PhDs whose work directly affects their employer’s bottom line don’t mirror your situation. Your work’s impact on revenue is less intuitive to visualize—and you know that your case for a promotion is going to look different.

The fact is, there isn’t a cookie-cutter formula for landing a promotion. 

Are there certain common principles that apply to promotions? Yes.

Is there only one way to pitch your promotion to your employer? No.

To achieve your goal of getting a promotion and/or raise, you may benefit from fresh insights, fresh motivation, and fresh confidence. You may want extra help as you seek to find creative solutions. And that’s okay.

A Purchase Won’t Solve Your Challenges

When you joined the Association, you chose to say “no” to the status quo of academia and “yes” to a fulfilling career in industry. You started taking steps toward getting a paycheck that reflects your value and joining an environment that leverages your skills.

But let’s face it.

The training in our CSA and advanced program materials will only take you so far.  

Your dashboard isn’t going to aggregate and present data on how you’ve made money for the company, wowed clients, or improved your team’s performance. You will.

It’s your job to put yourself in the best possible position to overcome your obstacles. That means being diligent about working through your training materials. It means rolling up your sleeves to network with internal stakeholders. It means learning how to sell yourself as the right fit for a higher-level role.

No one can do the hard work for you.

What can help is having extra support for creating and executing your career advancement strategy.

It’s Critical to Focus on Your Top Priorities

For some PhDs, being diligent isn’t the biggest challenge.

They know that following good methodology is integral to success. Because of this, they might feel the pressure to carefully comb the internet for every single resource on getting promoted.

But that can be a struggle when you’re working against a ticking clock. 

You know your managers are looking to hire or promote someone to the next level above your current position as soon as possible. Or you know you are stagnating in your current role and are eager to tackle new challenges.

While it’s important to take care in designing your case for a promotion, it’s also important to be laser-focused on the most important activities for securing that promotion.

It’s completely understandable if you need help executing your most important activities—as well as additional access to our team to ensure you can streamline your promotion strategy.

Three Reason To Join The Promotions Acceleration Key

Because Your Career Advancement Is A Learning Experience

You probably encountered sticking points in your transition into industry. Perhaps you weren’t getting any responses to your job applications. Or maybe you recognized that something was wrong with your approach to interviews but couldn’t pinpoint the source of error. Suddenly, there was a big obstacle in securing a job offer…and you simply didn’t see a way around your challenges.

At this point, you might have asked for additional help from fellow PhDs in the CSA.

Your career progression is a learning experience, too. When you hit a sticking point, it’s only natural to seek extra help.

Think of your CSA membership as your coursework. It provides the knowledge you need to make career transitions. Think of the CSA private group as a learning environment where you can get colleagues to weigh in on your challenges.

However, when you want to pursue a promotion instead of an entirely new role and aren’t sure how to proceed, you might need increased support.

That’s the point of the Promotions Acceleration Key.

Leverage your membership to accelerate your next promotion. Take advantage of your access to restore your confidence…or get that creative breakthrough you need for addressing a complex challenge.

Because You Don’t Want to Waste Your CSA Membership

You made a big commitment and a big investment by joining the CSA.

But if you fail to stay engaged after you transition…

Or when you don’t hold yourself accountable for applying the CSA methodology to climb the career ladder…

You’re effectively wasting your lifetime CSA membership.

Be honest with yourself.

Have you truly made an effort to adapt your industry transition knowledge to your promotion pitch?

Are you ensuring that your CSA membership is more than just an online learning program? Have you continued pursuing career advancement to achieve your goal of becoming a leader in your chosen sector since you landed your first industry role?

If you got your first transition thanks to the CSA, but are now stuck in your first transition and have no idea how to progress in your career, it’s time to face the facts. You need personalized support to avoid staying stuck in your current industry position. 

Because You Need More Personalized Support

You might feel lost in the sea of resources about the best strategy to get promoted and aren’t sure which concepts and methods to translate to your case.

You might want to discuss your options in a smaller group that can focus on your particular struggles.

With the Promotions Acceleration Key, you get a bundle of benefits, including insights and regular check-ins, all within an intimate environment and with professional development experts like Don Asher, PhD.

The Promotions Acceleration Key Helps You Put Your Strategy For A Promotion In Place.

The Promotions Acceleration Key is a laser-focused intensive training option that will give you the tools you need to create a strategy for obtaining a promotion that works specifically for you.

During the conference calls, we will give you constant support and will help you take the steps to accelerate you to your next promotion.

Call days and times will be determined based on the incoming Promotions Acceleration Key cohort. All locations and time zones are welcome and all will be considered.

Our membership allows you to request support based on your needs, your location, and your schedule.

When You Sign Up For The Promotions Acceleration Key, You Will Get Additional Layers Of Support That Are Exclusive For You.

You probably know, firsthand, that you aren’t going to resolve all of the issues you are facing as you vie for a promotion overnight.

Going from your first industry role to the next level up in the company can take months of honing your skills, persistently networking, and aggressively pursuing all possible opportunities to demonstrate that you deserve a promotion and a raise.

Landing a promotion takes patience.

In contrast, joining the Promotions Acceleration Key gives you access to multiple benefits in a very short time frame.

With the Promotions Acceleration Key, there’s a small gap between signing up for our membership and beginning to reap the benefits of our support.

You’ll get same-day answers within WhatsApp.

You’ll get access to a personalized dashboard with never-before-offered resources.

You will get access to our conference calls once the new Promotions Acceleration Key cohort starts.

While you’re waiting for your next promotion to materialize, you’ll enjoy regular, responsive support from top career advancement experts to keep you on track.

Here’s the Targeted Training You’ll Receive From The Promotions Acceleration Key...

Display Commitment To Getting Promoted

  • How executives identify the employees they want to promote
  • Methods for demonstrating your commitment to the company

Deliverable: Create your promotion timeline (e.g. when do you want to get promoted and what you need to accomplish to successfully pitch your promotion in that timeline)

Build A List Of Top Internal Stakeholders To Build Relationships With 

  • Learning how your company works
  • Avoiding office politics and gossip
  • Gaining company decision makers’ trust

Deliverable: Start an online notebook that documents your quantified weekly wins

Volunteer & Own Projects With Great “Optics”

  • Why achieving results isn’t enough to get promoted
  • What “Optics” is
  • How to ensure your boss regularly notices your exemplary performance

Deliverable: Update your online notebook to include projects you have completed and overseen in the last year that focuses on benchmarks you have exceeded

Manage Stress To Stay Productive

  • Why employers value employees who manage work stress well
  • Strategies for thriving under stress
  • How to solve problems and unexpected situations that arise at work
  • Anticipating future setbacks

Deliverable: Create a list of strategies for getting your work noticed by your managers that apply to your unique situation

Raise Other Team Members’ Performance & Document It

  • Removing obstacles in your team’s work
  • Increasing your coworkers’ productivity
  • How to show that you improve your team’s performance while excelling in your own tasks

Deliverable: Update your online notebook to include how your hard work positively impacts the performance of your team

Show Pride In Your Work & Display Excellent Results Visibly

  • The best way to achieve outstanding results
  • How to demonstrate consistent high-value production to your coworkers and managers

Deliverable: Draft memos, emails, and voicemails to keep your boss posted about your progress and achievements

Make Your Boss Obsolete In The Minutia Of Projects

  • Why minimizing your boss’s role in your work translates to added value to your employer
  • Strategies for making your boss’s job easier
  • The right way to start taking more responsibility

Deliverable: Update your online notebook with notes on how your efforts saved your boss’s time, energy, resources, etc.

Make Money For The Company

  • How your return on investment (ROI) affects your candidacy for promotion
  • Identifying your contributions to the company’s revenue

Deliverable: Update your online notebook focusing on how a particular result increased company revenue or decreased expenses

Demonstrate That You Can Solve Client Problems

  • Clients and customers as stakeholders in your employer’s success
  • Identifying your company’s most relevant clients
  • Adding value to key customers

Deliverable: Consolidate your notes into a 1-page document highlighting the 3 achievements that had the biggest impact on company growth

Summarize Your Work Visually & Start Preparing Your Pitch

  • How gathering data and presenting them visually influence your credibility
  • How to create visual deliverables that demonstrate your impact on the company 

Deliverable: Prepare a 3-4 minute presentation making your case for promotion

Attract And Manage Great Talent For The Company & Pitch Yourself

  • Why recruiting other valuable employees guarantees you’ll be considered for a leadership position
  • How to leverage your network to meet your company’s needs for talent

Exercise: Present your promotion case to the group

Deliverable: Incorporate feedback and suggestions into your presentation

Sell Yourself & Your Promotion With Data & Emotion

  • Why hard work and producing results aren’t enough to get a promotion
  • How to communicate that you are interested in a promotion
  • How to show that you are the right candidate for promotion

Deliverable: Request a meeting with your superior to pitch your case for a promotion and raise

The Promotions Acceleration Key Is NOT For...

The PhD Who Is Transitioning 

This PhD has dreams of climbing to the top of their chosen industry sector and the drive to pursue their ambitions.

However, their journey is just beginning. This PhD has not yet completed their first transition into industry. Maybe they have yet to obtain a job offer. Or perhaps they are still onboarding in their new role.

If you are in the midst of your first industry transition, then the Promotions Acceleration Key is not for you.

The Promotions Acceleration Key is for PhDs who have established themselves in their current industry role and are ready for the next stage of their career.

The PhD who is transitioning will benefit from waiting until their transition is complete to join the Promotions Acceleration Key.

The PhD Who Is Being Prepared For Management

This PhD has found themselves in an ideal situation.

They are working in a high-visibility role with easy access to key company stakeholders. They are already being mentored by upper-level managers with the explicit intention of preparing them for senior leadership.

If you are already being prepared for management, then the Promotions Acceleration Key is not for you.

The Promotions Acceleration Key is for PhDs who need strategies for getting company leaders’ attention and assistance in making their case for a promotion.

If you already have access to personalized guidance from within your company, you may not benefit from the Promotions Acceleration Key.

The Know-It-All PhD

This PhD is already experiencing good success in their pursuit of career advancement.

They blew through the CSA materials and their transition. They have already went through their second or third transition. They have access to a lot of support through their network. And their confidence is quite high.

If this situation describes you, more than likely, you don’t need any additional support.

You really don’t need the Promotions Acceleration Key.

The Promotions Acceleration Key is about boosting your confidence with further resources. It provides accountability for those who are struggling to get traction in their career advancement efforts. It offers additional insights for breaking through barriers.

The PhD who has it all together doesn’t need the Promotions Acceleration Key.

The Promotions Acceleration Key Is Yours For The Taking

We’ve said a lot about the Promotions Acceleration Key. But the decision is ultimately yours. This is an opportunity to connect with Don Asher and the Cheeky Scientist team in a way that you never have before. This is an opportunity to accelerate your next promotion. This is an opportunity to fast-track your PhD career in industry.

Be sure you don’t simply understand the “what.” Be sure you give the “how” of building the case for your promotion your attention, too.

Double down on your career advancement with the Promotions Acceleration Key.