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Reverse-Engineer Your Ideal Product Management Position With A Targeted Career Program

“The modules of the Product Management Career Track are well structured and each module has clear objectives aimed at helping PhDs transition into a Product Management position. The overall content is comprehensive, with the right balance of breadth vs. depth and at the end of each module there is a list of activities that will encourage the members to reflect on the content and relate it to their personal journey.”

“I was asked to review the materials in the Product Management Career Track and was quite amazed at how every aspect described is a true reflection of the Product Manager position. This is an amazing working position where communication and critical thinking are really important. The materials are very clear and use effective language that will resonate with PhDs wanting to transition into product management. The topics are very well summarized and cover the most relevant aspects of the position – from product management daily operations (e.g. forecasting, pricing) to communication with stakeholders (e.g. clients, suppliers). The Product Management Career Track ends op with the different career trajectory paths product management can have within a corporation, ensuring that members will get useful insights even after their first transition.”

The Product Management Career Track

Is Designed for PhDs Who Want To…


  • Connect consumer product requirements with business strategy to create a commercially successful product.
  • Manage a product throughout its entire lifecycle and ensure it wins the support of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Coordinate the execution of product development strategies across company research, engineering, sales, marketing, and customer service teams.
  • Lead at a very high level in business.
  • Become familiar with the product management industry, product commercial lifecycle, and product management industry-specific terms.
  • Leverage their PhD research, strategic thinking, business, and communication skills in a high-stakes well-compensated industry role.
  • Get access to specific job search and interview preparation strategies approved by current industry professionals to facilitate their transition into a top Product Manager role. 

The Demand For Product Managers Is High, And You Don’t Need Prior Industry Experience To Get Hired. You Just Need Your PhD…

Your knowledge—or lack thereof—will play a key role in your Product Management job search.

You may have a PhD, and you may understand that breaking into the field doesn’t begin with resumes.

But to join the ranks of Product Managers, you need to deepen your knowledge and show that you have the right combination of analytical and interpersonal skills.

Even though demand for this position is high, you’ll need to showcase specific skills to edge out your competitors and land your first industry position.

Average Salary Of Product Managers Worldwide

“The materials in the Product Management Career Track cover many relevant concepts for PhDs wanting to transition into Product Management, such as the difference between various roles (Product Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, etc.) and how to develop an elevator pitch. This information is of extreme importance for members wanting to focus their job searches and develop specific skill sets to accelerate their transition. The materials also provide external links which are extremely helpful.”

“The Product Management Career Track offers a lot of content relevant for PhDs wanting to transition into product management. The structure and flow of the modules ensure that members get a good idea of what the role of a Product Manager looks like and the value they can bring to the position. The program also covers different types of Product Managers. So, every PhD can take advantage of the materials no matter their background.”

Product Managers Are In Demand And Highly Compensated…


  • There are currently over 21,000 Product Manager job openings listed worldwide (Indeed).
  • Product management jobs have increased by 500,000 since 2014 in the US alone and the number of Product Manager opportunities is expected to continue to increase (The Product Manager). 
  • The average annual salary for a Product Manager in the U.S. is $109,000
  • Top Product Managers can increase company profits by 34.2%, demonstrating the value of these professionals in industry (The 280 Group).
  • The Product Manager position has been ranked as the 4th best job in the United States (Glassdoor).

If You’re A PhD Looking To Transition Out Of Academia, See If You Answer YES To These Questions… 


  • Do you want to play a strategic leadership role in the development, launch, and refinement of commercial products?
  • Do you want to translate market insights and stakeholder interests into program management decisions?
  • Do you want to communicate with a wide variety of audiences, including customers, key opinion leaders, product development teams, sales teams, and C-Suite executives?
  • Do you want to use your research skills and business acumen to help department leaders understand how following your advice will improve a product’s performance in the market?
  • Do you want to work across company departments to ensure a product’s commercial success?   
  • Do you want to transition into an influential high-paying position at the center of modern business? 

Product Managers Form An Exclusive Group

Product Managers earn fantastic pay, enjoy great business influence, and profoundly influence a product’s overall commercial success.

But these are privileges that they’ve earned.  

Members of this group speak their own language.

They know how to craft a compelling product vision that garners support from the company and customers.

Product Managers gather market insights to devise a business case for a product. They communicate with internal and external stakeholders to promote their cases. They also coordinate across company departments to turn their product vision into a reality. The stakes in this work are incredibly high. In fact, the direction that Product Managers provide often determines whether a product is a commercial success or a liability for a company.

If you want to increase your chances of becoming a Product Manager, you can’t apply for this position blindly.

You need detailed information on your future position. During a job search, you can’t afford to show you don’t understand the product lifecycle and product management field-specific terminology. You can’t risk revealing that you don’t know the implications of failing to seamlessly communicate your product vision across company departments or overlooking a key aspect of the market. 

To avoid blunders like these, you’ll want to know what a typical day looks like for a Product Manager.

The Key Skills Product Manager Employers Are Looking For…

Product Managers have a skill set that empowers them to meet the unique challenges of their position. Your future employer is looking for these qualities. You’ll want an insider’s perspective on how to demonstrate that you have the abilities needed to excel in your Product Manager position.
Get familiar with the specific types of stakeholders you will interact with and how to communicate with each of them. Product Managers need to interact with different departments of the company and decision-makers to ensure the success of their products. To be successful, you’ll want to show that you know who these parties are, and what is the best way to interact with the to achieve a common goal.

3 Important Reasons To Join The Association's Diamond Program

You Want To Devise And Execute Strategies For A Product’s Commercial Success.

Product managers research the market and create a product vision that meets customers’ needs, addresses market opportunities, and generates revenue for the business. They are responsible for promoting this vision and coordinating its execution over a product’s entire life cycle.

You Want To Combine Your Passions For Products, Business, And Communication.

Product Managers coordinate the big-picture strategy of bringing a competitive product to the market. Their work involves product development, business strategy, and stakeholder communication functions out of necessity.

You Want A High-Stakes Leadership Role.

As a Product Manager, you will be responsible for providing direction for product development, pricing, marketing, launching, and more. You will be accountable for the business strategy and the performance of a product in the market.

The Product Management Career Track Can Pay For Itself In 4 Days Or Fewer Once You’re Hired

A Product Manager Position Has You Earning Over $1,500 A Week And Over $200 A Day…

If joining the Association’s Diamond Program puts you in the field even one week faster, the investment will have been worth it.

After that one payment, you’ll have access to the Product Management Career Track for life, and if you secure your position, you can share your insights with other PhDs like you.

The User Product Management Career Track Includes Board-Certified Validation To Ensure You Are Always Up-To-Date As A  Product Manager

The Product Management Career Track was created and is maintained by a board of Product Managers.

As such, each module includes a board-certified exam, and once you pass all exams, you will receive a certificate from our board.

The Product Management Career Track Mission

In the Product Management Career Track, we’re committed to supporting you on your journey to landing a top Product Manager position.

To achieve our goal, we’ve provided advanced, actionable strategies for success. Our program includes extensive mentoring from practicing Product Managers, current Product Manager-targeted resume templates, and an intimate group of leading and aspiring PhD-level Product Managers to support your transition. 

We understand why you want to break into this industry. 

You want to translate your research and strategic thinking skills into a viable product business case. 

You want to help direct a company’s engineering, marketing, sales, development, and customer support teams to execute your product vision.

You want to work as a leader, serve as a bridge to meet the needs of both a company and consumers, and determine a product’s performance in the marketplace. 

But here’s the reality… 

Just because this field is growing doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive. 

Frankly, you’re going to need more than a cursory knowledge of the product management industry to make the best impression with your future employer. 

We can help you do just that.

The information we’re providing — from videos to resumes — is laser-targeted for product management positions and is exclusively for PhDs. 

There are nuances to the product management industry that you will find nowhere else.  

The Product Management Career Track was built by practicing product management professionals who are familiar with these nuances. They can provide you with tools and advice on how best to secure a position.

To win over your future product management employer, you will want to demonstrate that you are an expert in the product management industry, understand the goals of the company, and can combine your research and communication skills with business acumen to achieve commercial success with a product.

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to understand what your employer is looking for. 

In the Product Management Career Track, we provide extensive mentoring and personalized support. And our materials are specifically designed to help you showcase both your natural talents and your PhD expertise so you attract the attention of top companies.

The Product Management Career Track Is A Private Group Of Practicing Product Managers and PhDs Like You 

Our exclusive career track is private and provides a number of Product Manager mentors, ensuring we can provide personalized guidance.

The mentoring is hyper-focused and the private group support prepares you for the unknowns of interviewing for a Product Manager position.

In the private group, top Product Managers currently working in industry are committed to providing a high level of service within this intimate community.

This means you’ll enjoy a high ratio of mentors to members.

You’ll appreciate how the Product Management Career Track is designed to provide personalized guidance and swift feedback.

Imagine Walking Into Your First Product Manager Job Interview, But You Don’t Know…


  • What EBIT, MRD, GTM, or PMF are. As a result, you make statements that reveal you have little knowledge of the product management industry.
  • The strategic, inbound, and outbound activities a Product Manager is supposed to conduct throughout a product’s commercial lifecycle. You know only the most basic information about your role, and the questions you ask during the phone screen show it.
  • Where to find the relevant information on a company and its products for the product management role to which you applied. You panic when your interviewer asks you what specifics you intend to accomplish in your first 90 days and are caught completely by surprise when you are asked to present your strategy for launching one of the company’s products.

The Product Management Career Track Guarantees You Will Get Hired Into A Product Management Role No Matter Your PhD Background…

…the Product Management Career Track can translate your field of study into an industry position that puts you on the front lines, positioning different products in the market and ensuring company profits and client satisfaction.

Your PhD has given you the academic training that’s critical for securing these jobs.

But the Product Management Career Track can help you prove that fact to employers.

We’ll give you information that’s uniquely relevant to the Product Management position – not project management, market research, or any other field.

The result is intensive, concentrated mentoring that reveals how to integrate your academic background, your transferable skills, and your knowledge of the Product Management field into behaviors that will help you land a position.

When You Join the Association’s Diamond Program, You’re Joining A Program Designed Around Knowledge That Helped Other PhDs Land Their Product Manager Jobs

The Product Management Career Track was built on tried and true principles that other, current Product Managers used to land their positions.

The program is run by Product Managers who’ve landed industry positions and know what knowledge you’ll need to leverage to improve your chances of being hired.

On top of that, the knowledge you’ll gain in the Product Management Career Track is the same knowledge that other PhDs just like you used to land their first Product Manager position. Like them, you’ll learn to help companies across industries launch relevant and profitable products.

Now that these Product Managers have used their knowledge to successfully transition into industry, they can look back on what helped them secure their Product Manager job.

The Private Group Provides Targeted Support

Joining the Association’s Diamond Program lets you tap into targeted support from the Product Managers who oversee the program and former students who’ve now landed Product Manager positions.

In the privacy of the online group, you’ll be able to ask questions about your resume, gain insights into interview experiences from transitioned Product Managers, and interact with like-minded PhDs. That means you can engage in conversations on questions, topics, and challenges relevant to the product management field.

This group is also exclusive. Only Cheeky Scientist members can see and respond to the messages in the private group.

The exclusivity of the group allows you to freely share ideas with fellow PhDs, request referrals from other Product Managers, and get the advice you need when you encounter challenges.

You’ll get immediate access to a top global network of Product Managers and PhDs who want to break into the field once you join…

Here’s the Targeted Mentoring You’ll Receive From The Product Management Career Track...

Module #1 

Product Management- An Introduction

You know you want to become a Product Manager. To make this transition, you’ll need to understand the product management industry. This module covers…

  • Products. This module defines and illustrates the five levels that can constitute a product. You’ll also learn the stages of the product commercial lifecycle and the product development cycle.
  • Product Management. This module details the aspects of product management required throughout a product’s lifecycle. It covers product marketing and compares product management in different industries.
  • The Product Manager Role. This module introduces the main types of activities that Product Managers perform and the stakeholders they interact with.
  • Product Management Career Differentiators. This module explains how project manager roles compare with similarly titled jobs. You’ll find out what differentiates Product Manager roles from product owner, project manager, and program manager roles. 

Module #2 

Product Manager- Details Of The Role

You want to know what being a Product Manager involves and what knowledge is needed for success. This module covers…

  • Earning Potential And Lifestyle. This module presents Product Manager salary ranges based on seniority level, geographic location, and company size. It also outlines the hours that Product Managers may work depending on what activities they are conducting. 
  • A Day In The Life Of A Product Manager. This module delineates the research, strategy, and communication activities that Product Managers perform. You’ll learn about each of these activities in detail and how much of their time a Product Manager should expect to contribute to each to achieve their objectives.
  • Product Management Terminology. This module defines specialized product management terms and concepts such as forecasting, SWOT analysis, product line, and more. You’ll learn how to speak the language of the product management industry.
  • Essential Knowledge. This module details the most important technical and transferable skills for Product Managers as well as how you have already developed them in your PhD training. It also points you to resources and communities to further boost your profile as a Product Manager.

Module #3

Product Management Interviews- The Path To Getting Hired

You’ll need a well-thought-out job search strategy to secure a position as a Product Manager. This module covers…

  • Job Search Toolkit. To transition into product management from academia, you will need to reframe your PhD experience using industry-specific keywords. This module provides key insights to help you accomplish this task through your resume, LinkedIn, and networking.
  • Product Management Experience. This module highlights product management courses, internships, and other activities you can do to strengthen your Product Manager application.
  • Interview Questions. You’ll find out what questions to expect during a phone screen, phone interview, video interview, and on-site interview. This module also supplies example prompts for Product Manager interview presentations.
  • Interview Preparation. This module provides strategies you should employ to get ready for each of your Product Manager interviews. You’ll learn how to research the company you are interviewing with and its products so that you can portray yourself as a top candidate.

Module #4

Career Trajectory- What Comes Next?

Now that you have secured a position as a Product Manager, what next steps should you take to continue growing professionally and personally? This module covers…

  • Onboarding. This module explains what to expect and how to behave during your first few months on the job. You’ll discover what policies, processes, and people you’ll want to familiarize yourself with during this time to set a trajectory for long-term career success.
  • Vertical Career Progression For Product Managers. You’ll learn the product management hierarchy, which extends from entry-level to executive-level positions.
  • Horizontal Management Moves. As a Product manager, you will gain knowledge that is coveted in other managerial roles. This module outlines these roles and how your product Manager experience can facilitate your transition into one of them.
  • Future Career Paths. Your Product Manager knowledge is readily transferable to several different top PhD-level jobs. You’ll find out what skills you will need to highlight and those you may need to build if you choose to pursue one of these careers.

As Soon As You Join The Association’s Diamond Program, You Will Also Get Immediate Access To The Following…


  • A complete guide that provides practical information on product management. You’ll learn what a Product Manager does, how the product management industry operates, where to find out about current industry trends, and more. You’ll enter the job search knowing exactly what you’re looking for and what your future employer expects from you.
    • The Product Management Career Track describes what you’ll experience in a typical week – from conducting market research to defining business strategies to communicating with stakeholders. Instead of entering your interview wondering what you don’t know, you’ll be prepared to ask questions that will help you determine if you want to accept a job offer from a particular company.
    • Discover what industry sectors and types of companies would best suit your academic background and personal interests. Gain knowledge from industry insiders that will help you make savvy decisions as you vie for a Product Manager opening.
    • Learn the essential knowledge it takes to exceed as a Product Manager. Discover how to leverage your experience in research, strategic thinking, and communication to direct products throughout their entire lifecycles across company departments.
  • Detailed information on the concepts and benchmarks used in the product management industry so you know how to best communicate with key industry professionals. You’ll understand the challenges you’ll face in bringing a competitive product to the marketplace irrespective of industry sector. With the Product Management Career Track, you’ll gain knowledge that shows a potential employer that you’ve done your homework and you’re prepared for a successful industry transition.
    • The Product Management Career Track thoroughly explains all aspects of product management. You’ll learn how strategic, technical, marketing, inbound, and outbound management all come into play during the product lifecycle.
    • Gain important insights into the stakeholder universe of Product Managers. You’ll fully understand how your role as a liaison between company departments and customers is crucial to a product’s commercial success.
    • Discover how to translate your knowledge of the product management field into questions that will impress your future employer. The career track provides important advice to help you showcase your knowledge and passion for the field.
  • Access to the private online group: an exclusive circle of Product Managers and fellow PhDs where you can communicate about critical topics, request referrals, and ask for the input of other Product Managers. Only Cheeky Scientist members are allowed access to this group.
    • Gain guidance from practicing Product Managers on your upcoming interview, your newly created resume or presentation, or your recent job offer. They’re in the field and can provide advice that’s targeted to your specific needs and questions.
    • Enjoy meaningful conversations with other PhDs in the group to discuss the latest development in your job search, your current challenges, and more. Learn from PhDs who’ve made the transition and ask for referrals.
    • Leverage the private group to find other Product Managers or PhDs you can connect with. Find members by their name, location, educational background, or other characteristics to aid your job search.
  • Comprehensive mentoring that takes you from understanding the Product Management field to securing your first job. After laying a thorough foundation for your position, the career track will cover everything from networking to how to practice for your job interviews so you’re prepared for the hiring process.
    • Over the course of four modules, you’ll enjoy information-packed workbooks, numerous mentoring videos from Product Managers, and exams to help you cement the concepts covered. Your mentoring is a crash course on what you need to know to improve your chances of securing a position.
    • Discover effective techniques for successfully pinpointing the best companies, targeting your resume for Product Management positions, conducting informational interviews, and more. The Product Management Career Track will show you how to tailor your job search for an offer in the Product Management field.
    • Discover the career options available to Product Managers. With the Product Management Career Track, you’ll be able to look ahead to the future opportunities your new position may create.
  • What you need to know about communication as a Product Manager, no matter your level of extraversion. The career track will underscore the communication techniques that will make a positive impression on your future company and will uniquely qualify you for the role.
    • Gain critical insights into the knowledge needed to successfully transition from your postdoc work to life as a Product Manager. This mentorship will show you how to showcase the knowledge that will get you hired.
    • Discover what hiring managers are looking for during interviews. With the Product Management Career Track, you’ll get important tips for how to behave so you distinguish yourself from other candidates.
  • Extensive resources designed to help you learn in a variety of ways about the Product Management field.
    • The Product Management Career Track provides instant access to extensive video mentorship from Product Managers. You’ll also gain workbooks, video transcripts, and resume templates for Product Management positions.
    • The end of each module provides an exam to solidify the concepts you’ve learned. The Product Management Career Track will also provide monthly webinars on important topics relevant to your job search in the Product Management field.

The Career Track Is NOT For You If...

You Hate Meetings.

You’re passionate about business strategy, not meetings.

Product Managers should expect to spend about 50% of a typical work week in meetings with various company departments and stakeholders. Such a work schedule is unsustainable for a professional who hates meetings.

If you find a schedule loaded with meetings intolerable, then the Product Management Career Track is not for you.

The Product Management Career Track is for PhDs who understand the essential role that meetings play in coordinating the product life cycle across company departments to ensure commercial success.

Organization Isn’t Your Strength. 

You’ve probably encountered this phenotype in academia. This person fits the absent-minded professor stereotype.

They have brilliant ideas, but their research area is a mess. They regularly forget about important paperwork or neglect commitments to their colleagues. 

If you have a mind for business but struggle to follow through when it comes to communications with stakeholders, then the Product Management Career Track isn’t for you.

The Product Management Career Track is designed for PhDs whose organization skills enable them to keep up with the multiple demands and various (sometimes competing) interests they will face in a Product Manager role.

You Prefer To Control The Details.

You’re organized, business-savvy, and capable of communicating with diverse team members. However, you are most comfortable when you’re in control of the details.

Product Managers operate on a big-picture scale. They are responsible for directing the overall product lifecycle. They entrust the details of research, product development, marketing, regulatory affairs, and more to the relevant departments.

If you thrive best on more focused projects, the Product Management Career Track is not for you. 

The Product Management Career Track is for PhDs who are comfortable leaving technical details to others so they can successfully manage the entire product lifecycle. It was created for PhDs who want to translate their broad interests into a Product Manager role.

Get Access To The Product Management Career Track & Network

If you’re determined to be a Product Manager and you’ve chosen the Product Management Career Track to make that happen, we’d like to welcome you.

As practicing Product Managers who oversee the Product Management Career Track at the Cheeky Scientist Association, we know firsthand the challenges you face, the questions you have, and the information you’ll need to succeed.

We’re ready to empower you to make the transition, and we hope to meet you in the private group soon.

To your success,

The Product Managers at the Cheeky Scientist Association

Product Management Carer Track Board Members

Joanna Chen, PhD

Product Manager At Quirem Medical

Gunnar Newquist, PhD

Product Manager At Hamilton Company

Rocco Longo, PhD

Product Manager At Winequip

Jessica Wilson, PhD

Product Manager Associate At iMotion

Michael Papadimitrious, PhD

Former Product Manager At Miltenyi Biotec

Satyavati Kharde, PhD

Product Manager At Springer Nature Technology and Publishing Solutions

We help PhDs from every discipline get into many different types of careers, including Product Management.

We show you how to leverage the skills you already have to get hired into a myriad of industry jobs, including Product Management.

We show you how to get the job, not how to do the job because each company has their own proprietary systems and will teach you how to do the job through on-the-job training.

But, before you can get this training, you have to get hired first.

That’s where we come in.

We will guide you on how to use your PhD to get hired into Product Management.