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Reverse Engineer Your Ideal Position With A Targeted Medical Science Liaison Career Program

“I never felt overwhelmed and found myself constantly thinking, "Wow, these are great insights into the MSL hiring process and the MSL role." The Medical Science Liaison Career Track provides a great background into the role and daily life of an MSL. The advanced videos and workbooks were well-organized and broken into easily digestible chunks of content. I never felt overwhelmed and found myself constantly thinking, "Wow, these are great insights into the MSL hiring process and the MSL role." I've had multiple hiring managers tell me that I don’t have the stereotypical PhD mentality, meaning they find that I both have a strong science background and am able to convey scientific information in an engaging way to nonscientists. The MSL Career Track does an incredible job teaching PhDs how to be more engaging by reviewing core concepts in the fields of relatability and emotional intelligence, all while staying focused on the key strategies required to get hired into an MSL role.”

“I finally landed my dream job as an MSL with three different offers in one week! The Medical Science Liaison Career Track provides detailed knowledge necessary to become an MSL and hit the ground running. The program provides detailed guidelines for each step of the process. I personally thought I could do it on my own with my own approach. However, after wasting six months trying it my way, I finally decided to try a different process, one that you’ll find in the MSL Career Track, a shot. As a result I quickly expanded my network and started getting several phone interviews a week and at least one in-person interview every other week. I finally landed my dream job as an MSL with three different offers in one week! My only regret is that I didn’t have this process sooner.”


Transition from benchwork to the flexibility and variety of an MSL position.

Stay on the leading edge of science without staying on the bench.

Understand how an MSL position can mesh with your natural verbal communication strengths.

See experiments in the lab positively impact the lives of patients.

Dictate their own schedule, enjoy frequent travel, and work out in the field.

Secure a position where you’re sought by recruiters offering high salaries.

Know terminology and issues that are key to the MSL position so you impress future employers.

Build solid relationships and frequently interact with others.

Understand the process of clinical trials, the important points of compliance, and what you can expect in a typical day.

The Demand For MSLs Is High & You Do NOT Need Clinical Experience Or Training In Signaling Pathways To Get Hired. You Just Need Your PhD…

Your knowledge — or lack thereof — will play a key role in your MSL job search.

Years in academia aren’t enough to qualify you for an MSL position.

You may have a PhD, and you may understand that breaking into the field doesn’t begin with resumes.

But to join the ranks of MSLs, you need to deepen your knowledge and showcase knowledge that will uniquely qualify you to take on the role of a Medical Science Liaison.

This role used to be an industry secret, but it isn’t any longer.

Even though demand for this position is high, you’ll need certain knowledge to edge out your competitors and land your first industry position.

It’s No Secret That The Demand For MSL Jobs Has Grown And That These Positions Pay Rewarding Salaries…

  • Medical Science Liaisons ranked #4 on the list of America’s 11 highest paying careers (CBS MoneyWatch).
  • The United States’ top 10 pharmaceutical companies increase Medical Science Liaison hiring by more than 75% in the last decades (Monster).
  • The yearly growth of the MSL role is around 20% (Biospace).
  • Entry-level pay for MSLs is, on average, six figures (PayScale).
  • Signing bonuses for MSL positions range between $10-$34k (PayScale).

You Too Can Enjoy Targeted Mentoring From A Practicing MSL

Imagine joining a program designed to educate you in MSL terminology, concepts, and knowledge so you improve your chances of securing an MSL position.

Imagine standing out from other MSL candidates because an MSL told you what you need to know about your future responsibilities, standard industry practices, and important expectations.

The Cheeky Scientist Association helped Aaron and Elizabeth (featured above) understand how to successfully transition into industry.

The Medical Science Liaison Career Track showed them the knowledge of day-to-day activities that would help them land the MSL position.

The Cheeky Scientist Association empowered them to radically transform their job search efforts.

The Medical Science Liaison Career Track helped them target their efforts for the MSL position, arming them with the knowledge they needed to turn an interview into a job offer.

Don’t be caught off guard by unfamiliar concepts or reveal your limited knowledge of the MSL role.

The Medical Science Liaison Career Track is a crash course on what you need to know.

As An MSL, You Will Have Influence Over The Medical Community And Serve As A Partner To Healthcare Professionals

“The MSL Career Track includes numerous strategies for turbo-boosting your value to MSL employers MSL hiring managers are always looking to see if you can talk with breadth and depth and with a clinical bent versus your prototypical PhD who has their head buried in a lab notebook and can only talk about their research topic and animal study results. The MSL Career Track focuses on bridging this gap. This pivot in your mindset is critical to getting hired as an MSL and is required for being successful in any MSL role. The MSL Career Track includes numerous strategies for turbo-boosting your value to MSL employers. For example, you’ll learn how to leverage grand rounds as a grad student or postdoc, how to build authentic relationships with MDs and medical residents, and how to use this experience during interviews.”

“I firmly believe that the MSL Career Track will help all aspiring MSLs get hired. The Medical Science Liaison Career Track is an excellent and accurate representation of MSL life. The depth with which the authors have examined this role is astounding. It is clearly suggestive of the fact that a great deal of time was spent in researching and describing the role with great clarity and accuracy. As an MSL myself, I have greatly enjoyed going through the advanced modules of the program and I firmly believe that the program will help all aspiring MSLs get hired. In addition, new MSLs like myself could also glean new information. I have no hesitation in recommending this program for anyone who is exploring industry roles and would like to understand the MSL position as well as individuals who have decided to become MSLs and are looking for information that will help lead them to their first MSL role.”

If You Are A PhD Looking To Transition To Industry, See If You Answer YES To These Questions…

  • Do you want to interact with healthcare professionals and engage in scientific discussions?
  • Do you want to join an exclusive group of professionals who enjoy high salaries backed by job security?
  • Do you want a different experience than your role in the lab, but want to stay at the forefront of scientific advances?
  • Do you want to play a key role in bringing scientific breakthroughs to the lives of patients with acute medical needs?
  • Do you want to secure one of the highest-paid entry-level positions for PhDs and have recruiters contact you frequently?
  • Do you want to have a high level of autonomy on the job and be able to make your own schedule?


Medical Science Liaisons Form An Exclusive Group

MSLs earn fantastic pay, interact with medical thought leaders, and travel frequently.

But these are privileges that they’ve earned.

This group speaks their own language.

They’re well versed in the issues and challenges their companies face to discover breakthroughs, challenge competitors, and introduce medical thought leaders to important drugs in the pipeline.

Medical Science Liaisons bring scientific advances to patient populations by fulfilling a very specific role and meeting multiple responsibilities.

If you want to increase your chances of becoming an MSL, then you can’t apply for this position blindly.

You need granular information on your future position.

During an interview, you can’t afford to show you know little to nothing about the Sunshine Act. You can’t risk revealing that you don’t know what KOL means, much less what a KOL does.

To avoid blunders like these, you’ll want to know…

What a typical day looks like. You’re entering the job search unprepared if you don’t know why you’re expected to communicate with medical authorities, how you should interact with sales representatives, why conference calls are critical to your role, and what’s expected of you at scientific meetings.

The key knowledge employers are looking for. MSLs have a skillset that empowers them to meet the unique challenges of their position. Your future employer is looking for these qualities. You’ll want an insider’s perspective on how to demonstrate you have the abilities needed to excel in your MSL role.

Effective techniques for breaking into the field. If you’re attempting to enter the MSL field with a generic approach, you’ll encounter a dead end. For success, you’ll want to pinpoint the best position for your given academic background and leverage techniques that increase your knowledge of your future role, so a company views you as a potential asset.

Georg Bischoff, PhD Joined The Association’s Diamond Program And Was Hired As An MSL

Georg Worked As An MSL For Several Companies And Is Now Enjoying His MSL Career At Biotheranostics, Inc

Diana Klakotskaia, PhD Wasn’t Sure How To Get Hired As An MSL And Did Not Have An Connections To MSLs In Industry

Thanks To The MSL Career Track, Diana Is Currently Working As An MSL At Teva Pharmaceuticals

Bibhudatta Mishra, PhD Wanted To Get Hired Into A Medical Affairs Role That Required Less Travel Than An MSL

The MSL Career Track Helped Bibhudatta Get Hired Into Medical Affairs At Landos Biopharma

Once You’re an MSL, You’ll Experience a Stunning Amount of Flexibility, Freedom & Professional Respect

When it comes to how you envision using your PhD education, you probably have several key qualities you’re looking for in a job — flexibility, freedom, personal autonomy.

Those are some of the reasons you’re attracted to a Medical Science Liaison position, but here’s something that’s just as important…

This freedom isn’t confined to setting your own schedule.

Becoming an MSL can also provide an incredible amount of financial freedom.

If you’re currently conducting postdoc work, this can seem too good to be true…

After all, you’re used to earning a salary far beneath your education.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2015, the median household income was $56,516.

But even though you have a PhD, you probably earn well below that figure.

Glassdoor reports that the national average for postdoc fellowships is $46,142, and it’s only $46,341 for postdoc associates.

But when you become an MSL, you’ll stand on the leading edge of science and experience financial freedom like you’ve never known before.

According to PayScale, the average entry-level pay for MSLs is $108,474, and the average pay for all MSLs is $113,000. Glassdoor reports an even higher average for all MSL salaries — $144,377.

Don’t forget. Those are just averages.

For those in Seattle, PayScale reports an average salary of $128,500, and, for those in the Boston area, Glassdoor reports salaries that average at $159,628.

And once you become an MSL, you’ll have the opportunity to branch into other roles such as custom management positions or a medical director position.


The Medical Science Liaison Career Track Can Pay For Itself In 2 Days Or Less Once You’re Hired.

As An Entry-Level MSL, You Can Earn Over $2,000 A Week And Over $300 A Day…

If joining the Association’s Diamond Program puts you in the field even one week faster, the investment will have been well worth it.

After that one payment, you have access to all Cheeky Scientist mentoring materials, and once you secure your position, you can share your insights with other PhDs like you.

You can pay now, or you can pay in installments, but here’s the most important part…

The MSL Career Track Includes A Board Quiz Ribbon & Ongoing Career Track Validation

You will receive an official letter of recommendation from our MSL board upon completion of the course, along with access to our annual career track validation program.

The Medical Science Liaison Career Track was created by and is maintained by a board of MSLs.

As such, each module includes a board-approved exam and, by passing the exam, you will receive a quiz ribbon from our board.

The MSL Career Track Program Will Ensure You Stay Current As A Mentored MSL For The Entirety Of Your Career...

The Medical Science Liaison Career Track Mission

In the Medical Science Liaison Career Track, we’re committed to supporting you on your journey to landing a top MSL position by providing you with advanced, actionable strategies for success.

To do just that, we’ve provided extensive mentorship from current MSLs working in industry, leading-edge MSL resume templates, and guidance in an intimate group of practicing MSLs and other PhDs aspiring to the role.

We understand why you want to break into this industry.

You enjoy building relationships.

You want to stay close to science.

You desire to impact patients, work with key opinion leaders, and be a respected leader in the field yourself.

But here’s the reality.

Just because this field is growing doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive.

Frankly, you’re going to need more than a cursory knowledge of this position to make the best impression on your future employer.

It’s our goal to help you do just that.

The information we’re providing — from career track videos to resumes — is laser-targeted for the MSL position and is exclusively for PhDs.

There are nuances to the Medical Science Liaison role that you will find nowhere else.

The MSL Career Track was built by practicing MSLs, who know exactly what the nuances of the role are as well as can provide tools and advice on how best to secure the position.

As an MSL, your employer wants to know that you can connect with medical thought leaders, how well you can communicate scientific knowledge effectively and address the needs of healthcare professionals.

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to receive an understanding of what your employer is looking for.

We provide extensive mentoring and personalized support in the Medical Science Liaison Career Track is extensive. And it’s specifically designed to help you showcase both your natural talents and your PhD expertise so you attract the attention of leading companies.

But this targeted information isn’t the only benefit of joining the Association’s Diamond Program. Here’s another reason…

The Medical Science Liaison Career Track Is A Private Group of Practicing MSLs And PhDs Like You

Our exclusive group is private and provides a number of MSL mentors, ensuring we can provide personalized guidance.

The mentorship is hyper-focused and the private group support prepares you for the unknowns of interviewing for an MSL position.

In the private group, top MSLs currently working in industry are committed to providing a high level of service within this intimate community.

This means you’ll enjoy a high ratio of mentors to members in this program.

You’ll appreciate how the MSL Career Track is designed to provide personalized guidance and swift feedback.

Imagine Walking Into Your First MSL Interview, But You Don’t Know….

  • Who KOLs are, what KOLs do, and how KOLs impact your responsibilities, which causes you to panic when you hear how often the term is used by the hiring manager during your interview.
  • The details of the Sunshine Act and what they would mean for your position, causing you to make statements that reveal you have little knowledge of regulatory compliance.
  • What questions would demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the role you’re applying for, which means other — more prepared — candidates impress the company and edge you out of the job.
  • The terms and vocabulary used during the on-site visit, which makes it difficult to translate your academic background into effective communication that shows you’d easily transition into industry.
  • Information about your day-to-day responsibilities, travel expectations, and conference responsibilities which cause you to ask questions during the interview that reveal you have only the most basic information on what your role will entail and what you’ll be expected to accomplish.
  • How to give presentations and position yourself in a way that shows you can speak the higher language of managers.

MSL Guarantees You Will Get Hired Into An MSL Role No Matter What Your PhD Background Is In...

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Bacteriology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Biomechanical engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biophysics
  • Botany
  • Cell biology
  • Chemistry
  • Classical genetics
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Ecology
  • Endocrinology
  • Engineering
  • Entomology
  • Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Invertebrate zoology
  • Marine Biology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
  • Molecular genetics
  • Neurobiology
  • Organic chemistry
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Physical chemistry
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Sociobiology
  • Sociology
  • Toxicology
  • Virology
  • Zoology

The Medical Science Liaison Career Track can translate your field of study into an industry position that puts you on the front lines of bringing scientific breakthroughs to physicians and patients across the country.

Those In The Medical Science Liaison Career Track Have Secured Positions At...

Your PhD has given you the academic mentoring that’s critical for securing these jobs.

But the Medical Science Liaison Career Track can help you prove that fact to employers.

We’ll give you information that’s uniquely relevant to the MSL position — not medical sales, research and development, or any other field.

The result is intensive, concentrated mentoring that reveals how to integrate your academic background, your transferrable skills, and your knowledge of the MSL position into behaviors that will help you land a position.

When You Join The Association’s Diamond Program, You’re Joining A Program Designed Around Knowledge That Helped Other PhDs Land Their MSL Jobs

The MSL Career Track was built on tried and true principles that other current MSLs used to land their positions.

It’s a program that is also run by MSLs who’ve landed industry positions and who know what you’ll need to leverage to improve your chances of being hired.

On top of that, the knowledge you’ll gain in the MSL Career Track echoes what other PhDs just like you used to land their first Medical Science Liaison position and bring breakthroughs at the lab to leading physicians across the country.

Now that these MSLs have used their knowledge to successfully transition to the industry, they can look back on what helped them secure their MSL job.

The Private Group Provides Targeted Support

Joining the Association’s Diamond Program lets you tap into targeted support from the MSLs who oversee the program and former students who’ve now landed MSL positions.

In the privacy of the online group, you’ll be able to ask questions about your resume, gain insights into interview experiences from transitioned MSLs, and interact with like-minded PhDs. That means you can engage in conversations on questions, topics, and challenges relevant to the MSL position.

This group is also exclusive. Only Cheeky Scientist members can see and respond to the messages in the private group.

The exclusivity of the group allows you to freely share ideas with fellow PhDs, request referrals from other MSLs, and get the advice you need when you encounter challenges.

You’ll get immediate access to a top global MSL network exclusively for PhDs once you join…

Here’s the Targeted Mentoring You’ll Receive from the Medical Science Liaison Career Track

Module #1 MSL Foundations – Part 1: Working as an MSL and MSL Foundations – Part 2: How to Succeed as an MSL

You know you want to be an MSL, but you aren’t completely sure of all the responsibilities and expectations that come with the role. This module covers…

  • What an MSL is expected to accomplish each week and what an average day can involve. You’ll get the inside details of what it takes to bring healing therapies to medical thought leaders and patient populations.
  • What an MSL is and isn’t — this module explains how MSLs are vastly different from sales representatives and how MSLs provide an expertise that’s unique in the world of medicine. This module reveals why you’ll never sell anything and what your role will involve when it comes to off-label drug therapies.
  • The facts you must know regarding government regulations, like the Sunshine Act and other regulatory and legal boundaries you need to be aware of as you enter the MSL role. MSL-targeted information helps you enter interviews prepared so you avoid making statements that could decrease your chances of a job offer.
  • The different measures companies use to determine MSL success and how to interpret a company’s culture from your interview experience. This module prepares you to critically evaluate a potential company so you accept the offer that’s best for you.

Module #2 The MSL Industry MSL Career Progression

Understand how FDA-approved drugs enter the market as well as the career path you can take once you land an MSL position. This module covers…

  • A blow-by-blow description of how an experimental drug is tested and approved for nationwide use. This module equips you with the background knowledge you’ll need for interviews.
  • How involved MSLs are when it comes to drug development. You’ll learn how MSL hires correlate to the phases of the drug lifecycle and how you can leverage this knowledge to benefit your job search.
  • How MSLs profile and interact with medical thought leaders during a drug’s development. You’ll also gain a critical tip for what you should never do as you interact with leading physicians.
  • What your future may hold as an MSL. Understand the different career paths you can work toward once you’re a Medical Science Liaison. This module will help you understand the potential job options available.

Module #3 Reverse Engineering Your Ideal MSL Role Preparing for the Hiring Process

Increase your chances of landing an MSL position by learning how to identify and prepare for the position that aligns with your academic experiences. This module covers…

  • How to leverage your scientific background to assert your qualifications for the MSL role as well as why the number of positions you’re qualified for may be broader than you think.
  • How to identify your expertise and match your academic forte to various disease states. This module explains how you can determine which therapies you could most effectively provide education on, given your technical knowledge as a PhD.
  • How to select companies to apply for based on your research so that you find an organization that aligns with your skillsets. This module will also reveal a handy tool for uncovering unexpected job opportunities.
  • How to tailor your LinkedIn profile and resume for your future MSL role. Discover how you can know what language to choose for your resume and even what kind of background picture you should select for your LinkedIn profile. On top of that, this module provides two resumes you can instantly use in your job search.

Module #4 Networking and Increasing Your MSL Value The Interview

When it comes to securing an MSL job offer, you can significantly improve your chances with the right techniques. This module covers…

  • Some key ways to build a network that will help you transition to the MSL role. You’ll also gain critical questions you can use for informational interviews as well as insights on connecting with other MSLs.
  • How you can distinguish yourself and further your knowledge with events, educational courses, and other opportunities. Begin to think outside of the box when it comes to how you’re positioning yourself for available MSL positions.
  • The transferable skills you must have for an MSL position. You’ll discover why the emphasis is not on proving your scientific acumen but showcasing your people skills, what obstacles you can expect in your role and why you’ll need to be adept at asking questions.
  • How to successfully field phone interviews and showcase your MSL knowledge and company research. You’ll also gain a technique that can demonstrate your productivity, competency, and knowledge to your hiring manager. This module will also cover what you need to know when it comes to public speaking.

As Soon As You Join The Association’s Diamond Program, You Will Also Get Immediate Access To The Following…

A complete guide that provides practical information regarding the MSL’s role and responsibilities, important industry topics, company cultures, and more so that you enter the job search knowing exactly what you’re looking for as well as the expectations of your future employer.

  • The MSL Career Track will describe what you’ll experience in a typical week — from interactions with KOLs to educational calls on the disease state you specialize in. Instead of entering your interview wondering what you don’t know, you’ll be prepared to ask important questions so you can determine if you’d accept a job offer from the company.
  • Discover what kind of position would best suit your academic background, and get important information on how to gauge a company’s MSL culture. Insider tips will help you make savvy decisions as you vie for an MSL opening.
  • Understand the make-or-break skills essential for MSLs so you know how to effectively position yourself. Discover how to translate your natural communication skills into a presentation that makes the best impression on corporate management.

Detailed information on compliance issues, clinical trials, and interactions with medical thought leaders so you understand the challenges that are at the heart of every MSL job. With the MSL Career Track, you’ll gain knowledge that shows a potential employer that you’ve done your homework and you’re prepared for a successful transition into the industry.

  • Understand how MSLs are different than sales representatives, what interactions you should — and shouldn’t — have with sales personnel, how MSLs are expected to behave, and what you need to know about the Sunshine Act and other country-specific government regulations.
  • Gain important insight into the various phases of clinical trials, your expected role in each phase, and the process it takes to bring a drug from the lab to the market. You’ll better understand your role in impacting the lives of individuals across the country.
  • Discover how to translate your knowledge of the MSL position into questions that will impress your future company. The MSL Career Track provides important advice to help you showcase your knowledge and passion for the industry.

Access to a private online group, an exclusive circle of MSLs and fellow PhDs where you can communicate about critical topics, request referrals, and ask for the input of other MSLs. Only Cheeky Scientist members are allowed access to this group.

  • Gain guidance from MSLs on your upcoming interview, your newly created resume, or your recent job offer. They’re in the field and can provide advice that’s targeted for your specific needs and questions.
  • Enjoy meaningful conversations with other PhDs in the group to discuss the latest development in your job search, your current challenges, and more. Learn from PhDs who’ve made the transition and ask for referrals.
  • Leverage the private group to find other MSLs or PhDs you can connect with. Find members by their name, location, educational background, or other characteristics to aid your job search.

Comprehensive mentoring that takes you from understanding the MSL position to securing your first job. After laying a thorough foundation for your position, the MSL Career Track will cover everything from networking to giving a presentation to company leaders so you’re prepared for the hiring process.

  • Over the course of four modules, you’ll enjoy information-packed workbooks, numerous videos from an MSL, and exams to help you cement the concepts covered. This is a crash course on what you need to know to improve your chances of securing a position.
  • Discover effective techniques for successfully pinpointing the best companies, targeting your LinkedIn profile for the MSL industry, conducting informational interviews, and more. The MSL Career Track will show you how to tailor your job search for a MSL job offer.
  • Discover the career options available to MSLs. With the MSL Career Track, you’ll be able to look ahead into the future opportunities your new position may create.

What you need to know about communication as an MSL — no matter your level of extraversion. The MSL Career Track will underscore the communication techniques that will make a positive impression on your future company and will uniquely qualify you for the role.

  • Gain critical insights into the knowledge needed to successfully transition from your postdoc work to life as an MSL. The MSL Career Track will show you how to showcase the abilities you already possess that will get you hired.
  • Discover what hiring managers are looking for during interviews. You’ll get important tips for how to conduct yourself so you distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Extensive resources that help you learn in a variety of ways about the MSL role.

  • The Medical Science Liaison Career Track provides instant access to extensive video mentoring from an MSL professional with closed captioning provided. You’ll also gain workbooks, video transcripts, and MSL resume templates.
  • The end of each module provides an exam to solidify the concepts you’ve learned. The MSL Career Track will also provide monthly webinars on important topics relevant to your MSL job search.

3 Important Reasons to Join the Association’s Diamond Program

  1. You want to be on the frontier of clinical research. As an MSL, you can be on the forefront of life-changing therapies for diseases. Your company will also expect you to be an expert in your field, which means you’ll enjoy maintaining a close watch on the latest research and keeping up with your own company’s clinical trials.
  2. You want to personally see the difference science is making. When you’ve spent years in the lab, you may feel that there’s a disconnect between the work you do and the lives your work is supposed to change. As an MSL, your career will have a direct impact on patients, and you’ll have the opportunity to see the end goal of years of scientific research.
  3. You want personal autonomy, flexibility, and freedom. More than likely, your current doctoral or postdoc environment feels confining, restrictive, and limiting. But, as an MSL, you can attend grand rounds, set your own schedule, and have your say on what conferences you attend. Transitioning to an MSL is perfect if you love travel, variety, and charting your own success.

As A PhD, You Can Transition Into An MSL Role

You earned your PhD with knowledge and hard work.

Achieving an MSL position is no different.

You have the work ethic to make this happen.

You simply need targeted knowledge that’s laser-focused on the MSL position.

We’re here to decrease your learning curve.

And our goal is the same as yours — securing that MSL job.

We’ve done it.

We’ve helped other PhDs do it.

And you can do it too.

We’re inviting you to join the Association’s Diamond Program.

Now is the time to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

“The MSL Career Track outlines exactly what I did during my interview to get hired and exactly what I do now as MSL. WOW! I just finished the MSL Career Track and must say I am smiling. I think I could relate to the material as the program outlines exactly what I did during my interview to get hired and exactly what I do now as a MSL. In fact, I learned a thing or two myself and am glad that there is always something new to learn. The MSL Career Track workbooks in particular are very well thought-out. I think they really bring the essence of what the MSL role is and truly prepares one for the MSL interview (or any interview for that matter). It is very comprehensive, covers everything, and yet is focused. I strongly recommend joining the program!”

“My goal is to help all MSL Career Track members get hired as MSLs and thrive as MSLs! We worked hard to put together a very advanced but easy-to-follow program specifically for PhDs interested in MSL roles. The program goes in-depth into every aspect of the unique MSL hiring process as well as what you need to know to excel as an MSL. We cover MSL resumes, referrals, interviewing, and interview presentations, as well as what you’ll do day-to-day as an MSL, what laws and regulations you must understand as an MSL, how to speak the language of an MSL, how to get ahead of the competition by attending grand rounds and listening to earnings calls, and how to quickly build relationships with key opinion leaders in the field. The Medical Science Liaison Career Track gives you access to a network of MSLs currently working in industry and, unlike other programs, is reasonably priced and exclusively focused on PhDs. The program is also run by a board of MSLs and incudes a career track validation program. Each module includes an exam, and by passing the exam, you will receive a career track validation from our board. If you have a PhD and want to get hired into an MSL role, this is the only program you need.”

Who The Career Track Is NOT For…

It’s NOT for Those Who Require Micromanagement

This person prefers the predictable. They need their comfort zone, and they can’t handle flexibility and freedom.

While they don’t mind conducting structured experiments or writing detailed research papers, they simply wouldn’t know how to handle the autonomy of being an MSL and the variety of experiences they’ll encounter.

If you enjoy scientific advances, but can’t handle the unpredictable element of human relationships or competitive intelligence, then the Medical Science Liaison Career Track is not for you.

The MSL Career Track is for PhDs who thrive on adventure and are ready to use their scientific knowledge in less-than-predictable situations.

It’s NOT for Those Who Want to Stay in the Lab

More than likely, you went to school with this person.

This person enjoyed hands-on science and was more than happy to spend the majority of each day at the bench with his or her recent experiment as company.

Becoming an MSL is about staying on the forefront of science and researching the latest data and it’s about interacting with practicing healthcare professionals and building extensive relationships with them.

If you love scientific breakthroughs but dislike the idea of meeting new people, socializing with important personalities, or strategizing with a team of Medical Science Liaisons, then the MSL Career Track isn’t for you.

The MSL Career Track is designed for PhDs who enjoy both science and human interaction.

It’s NOT for Those Who Want to Work in Sales

If you love the idea of medical or pharmaceutical sales, then you can exit this page immediately.

An MSL is not a salesperson, nor are they allowed to sell anything.

If you enjoy adding your opinion to science, if you don’t think it’s necessary to remain objective, if you dislike limiting yourself to unequivocal facts…then the Medical Science Liaison Career Track is not for you.

MSLs have a role that’s distinct from sales, and there are even standards for how MSLs and sales representatives can and cannot interact with each other.

The Medical Science Liaison Career Track is only for those prepared to view a company’s drug pipeline from an empirical perspective.

Unlike All Other MSL Training Programs, The MSL Career Track Is SPECIFICALLY For PhDs & Does NOT Charge You Repeatedly

Once You're A Diamond Member, You Are A Member For Life (No Recurring Payments)

Get Access to the MSL Career Program & Network

If you’re determined to be an MSL, and you’ve chosen the Medical Science Liaison Career Track to make that happen, we’d like to welcome you.

As practicing MSLs who will support you as volunteers on the MSL Career Track advisory board, we know firsthand the challenges you face, the questions you have, and the information you’ll need to succeed.

We’re ready to empower you to make the transition, and we hope to meet you in the private group soon.

To your success,

The MSLs at Cheeky Scientist

Yuri Klyachkin, PhD.

Medical Director, Global Medical at Amgen

Elizabeth Jeanne Thatcher, PhD

Field Medical Director at Pfizer

Sonali Pandhe, PhD

Senior MSL at AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Parth Shah, PhD

Field Director at Janssen

Marlies Ozias, Ph.D.

Senior MSL at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Georgia Mundin, PhD

MSL at AbbVie

Mathura Shanmugasundaram, PhD

Associate Director at Biogen

Sunayana B. Banerjee, PhD

Senior MSL at Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Aaron Kellogg, PhD

Senior MSL at Takeda

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