Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key

Accelerate Your Flow Cytometry Experiments & Experience With Personalized Consulting, Real-Time Intensive Meetings & An Exclusive WhatsApp Discussion Group

Introducing The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key

Get The Personalized Guidance And Structured Real-Time Guidance From Tim Bushnell, PhD So You Can Overcome Your Unique Challenges And Accelerate Your Flow Cytometry Experiments & Background

Here’s What You Get Access To When You Become A Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key Member…

The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key’s Real-Time, Live & Intensive Group Mentoring Environment Provides Support for Researchers Who Want To Improve Their Flow Cytometry Experiments & Mentoring. This Intensive Program Is For…

  • Researchers who’ve hit a sticking point in their flow cytometry experiments. You’ve tried to follow your lab’s methodologies or what you read in a peer-reviewed paper, but you’re not getting the traction you’d like in your research.
  • Researchers face a make-it-or-break-it situation to get published, funded, or promoted. You’ve spent long enough on your research and need to publish your paper, get funded, get promoted, or apply for a patent. You realize that the outcome of your research can put you at the forefront of your field but your experience has been lagging.
  • Researchers who are in a time crunch. You’re attempting to faithfully work your way through the Expert Cytometry or other flow cytometry materials. But due to your hectic schedule, you need more accountability and structure to ensure you complete the background you need.
  • Researchers who’ve experienced a crushing disappointment. You thought you were one step away from a publication, grant, or patent but you were rejected due to poor methodology.

The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key Provides Personalized Access To Tim Bushnell, PhD & His Team Of Industry Experts

The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key gives you intimate, personalized access to Tim Bushnell, PhD and his expert flow cytometry team.

Every week, you’ll turn in your Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key workbooks. Then, Tim Bushnell and the rest of the team will walk through how to overcome the challenges you’re facing in your research, while also teaching you core flow cytometry principles and providing leading-edge insights.

You’ll also get access to an advanced, one-of-a-kind & professional WhatsApp Flow Cytometry Acceleration group. With our WhatsApp Flow Cytometry Acceleration Group, you’ll have an exclusive channel for accessing Dr. Bushnell and our team of flow cytometry consultants so you can get your questions answered 24/7.

Thanks to the Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key system, you’ll get personalized feedback and data that will advance your flow cytometry experiments & understanding.

Read this from Glenn Begley’s recent review in Circulation Research, entitled “Reproducibility in Science”.

“The estimates for irreproducibility based on these empirical observations range from 75% to 90%. These estimates fit remarkably well with estimates of 85% for the proportion of biomedical research that is wasted at-large. This irreproducibility is…seen across the spectrum of biomedical research.”

The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key is superior to anything we’ve offered before. Currently, the Expert Cytometry do-it-yourself Technical Program gives you fundamental flow cytometry knowledge…as well as a support network thanks to our private group.

It’s helpful to browse the materials in your Expert Cytometry dashboard and interact with other Expert Cytometry members online.

But that isn’t the same thing as accountability.

The Expert Cytometry membership doesn’t include a formalized structure to hold you accountable to your flow cytometry experimental goals.

This autonomy might work fine for some researchers…but it may be less than ideal for others.

In fact, research indicates that having a small group to hold you accountable increases your chances of turning your objectives into reality. Thus, accelerating your goals – like getting your research published, funded or patented.

An Overview Of The Layers Of Support You’ll Receive From Dr. Bushnell With The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key

Live Video Conference Calls With Tim Bushnell, PhD and his team of consultants

  • Discover strategies that will improve your flow cytometry experiments. The flow cytometry Acceleration Key gives you an opportunity to be on live conference calls with Tim Bushnell, Ph.D.. These calls aren’t pre-recorded sessions or webinars. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to Dr. Bushnell cover relevant flow cytometry topics in real time.
  • Stay accountable to your flow cytometry background. Enjoy a structure for implementing key flow cytometry activities. Your conference calls will include instruction—as well as homework you need to complete.
  • Generate fresh ideas for your experiments. If your research is unusually challenging, you might need help thinking outside of the box. Take advantage of our intensive meetings to find creative ways to move forward. During these meetings with Dr. Bushnell, you will learn new Flow Cytometry techniques that are a great fit for your experiments.

Personalized Consulting & Documents To Hold You Accountable & Record Your Progress

  • Establish your specific flow cytometry profession goals and the next steps you want to take in your research and identify the obstacles you are facing during your research by filling out the Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key intake form. This will help the Cheeky Team create a personalized roadmap for you to follow during the program.
  • The form will also provide our team of consultants with detailed information about your specific situation and how we can help you overcome your roadblocks and get your research back on track.
  • With this information, we will have a better idea of where to focus our attention during the weekly conference calls.

Personalized “Next Session” Workbooks For Your Flow Cytometry Mentoring

  • Use the Next Session workbook to record the measurable actions you want to accomplish in between sessions and the accomplishment you achieved in the last session. This will help track your progress. More importantly, it will help you establish achievable, short-term goals that will add up to your long-term goal of publishing or patenting your research. These are the keys to being accountable.
  • During the conference calls with Dr. Bushnell, you will review the Next Session workbooks and discuss which next steps are more likely to get tangible results.
  • The information recorded in your workbook will allow our team to provide you with personalized advice so you can make the right decisions.

Access To Our International WhatsApp Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key Group

  • Communicate with our team using the highly popular WhatsApp. Just like your Expert Cytometry membership, the Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key gives you access to a private group. You can communicate with our consultants and other Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key members via WhatsApp.
  • Receive one check-in each weekday. Our Expert Cytometry private group is very active and the Expert Cytometry team posts multiple times each week. However, in our WhatsApp group, Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key members receive a single piece of career advice per weekday.
  • Enjoy a same-day answer guarantee. When you send us a question on WhatsApp, we will reply to your comments on the same day.
  • Interact with a smaller group. The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key offers you an intimate group to interact with fellow members.

“Working with Tim Bushnell at Expert Cytometry was great. Tim is efficient and highly technical. His 15+ years of experience really shows, as he brings a level of detail to the work that we had never experienced from other consultants. There are a lot of so-called flow cytometry “experts” out there, but having worked with numerous ones, we have found the group at Expert Cytometry to be the most knowledgeable.”

“Our instructor, Tim Bushnell, Ph.D., educated my users with the background they needed to design their assays most effectively. I immediately noticed the positive impact he had when my users began to ask more informed questions during the planning stages of their experiments. ”

“The course was extremely detail-oriented, allowing attendees to work through the process of choosing the correct flow cytometry fluorophores and reagents for their particular experiments. I learned a lot from the discussions on flow cytometry controls, which helped me figure out which ones to use in my own research. I found the instructor very approachable and willing to stay after the lecture for a long time to answer questions and give additional resources.”

If Your Challenges Seem Bigger Than Your Current Flow Cytometry Knowledge & Background, Consider That…

There isn’t a cookie-cutter formula for research

Are there certain common experiences among researchers? Yes.

Is there only one way to get published, patented, promoted, and/or funded? No.

To finish your research, you may benefit from fresh insights, fresh motivation, and fresh confidence. You may want extra help as you seek to find creative solutions. And that’s okay.

3 Reasons To Join The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key

Because Your Research Is a Learning Experience

During your time in research, you have hit many sticking points. Perhaps you were making progress for a time and then, suddenly, there was a big obstacle in conducting research but you simply didn’t see a way around your challenges.

At this point—if you had a supportive mentoring environment—you might have asked for additional help from a fellow researcher or a trusted mentor.

When you hit a sticking point in your flow cytometry mentoring, it’s only natural to seek extra help.

That’s the point of the Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key.

Leverage your membership to accelerate your research. Take advantage of your access to restore your confidence…or get that creative breakthrough you need for addressing your complex research challenge.

Because You Don’t Want to Waste Your Expert Cytometry Membership

You made a big commitment and a big investment by joining Expert Cytometry.

But if you fail to find time to go through the materials…

Or when you don’t hold yourself accountable to completing the calls to action…

You’re effectively wasting your Expert Cytometry membership.

Be honest with yourself.

Have you truly made an effort to understand the Expert Cytometry methodology with your resources?

Are you ensuring that your Expert Cytometry membership is more than just an online learning program?

If your Expert Cytometry membership is figuratively collecting dust, it’s time to face the facts. It’s time to put accountability in place so you don’t waste your membership and your time conducting poor research.

Because You Need More Personalized Flow Cytometry Mentoring

You might feel lost in the sea of resources that Expert Cytometry provided for you and don’t know where or how to start going through the materials and setting up your specific Flow Cytometry strategy.

You might want to discuss your options in a smaller group that can focus on your particular struggles.

With the Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key, you get a bundle of benefits, including live, real-time meetings, and regular check-ins from Dr. Bushnell himself, all within an intimate environment and with experienced Flow Cytometry experts.

The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key Helps You Advance Your Flow Cytometry Experiments & Understanding

The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key is a laser-focused program that will give you the tools you need to create a research search strategy that works specifically for you.

During the live meetingss, we will give you constant support and will help you take the steps to accelerate your research and flow cytometry research.

Meeting times will be determined based on the incoming Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key cohort. All locations and time zones are welcome and all will be considered.

Our membership allows you to request support based on your needs, your location, and your schedule.

When You Sign Up For The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key, You Will Get Additional Layers Of Support That Are Exclusive For You.

You probably know, firsthand, that conducting sound flow cytometry experiments doesn’t happen overnight

Conducting repeatable and accurate flow cytometry research can take months of honing your skills.

Life-Changing research takes patience.

In contrast, joining the Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key gives you access to multiple benefits in a very short time frame.

With the Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key, there’s a small gap between signing up for our membership and beginning to reap the benefits of our support.

You’ll get same-day answers within the exclusive WhatsApp group.

You’ll get access to a personalized dashboard with never-before-offered resources.

You will get access to our conference calls once the new Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key cohort starts.

While you’re waiting for your future research to materialize, you’ll enjoy regular, responsive support from the Flow Cytometry consultants and the Cheeky Scientist team to keep you on track.

Here’s the Targeted Mentoring You’ll Receive From The Flow Cytometry Acceleration Key...

Principles and best practices for compensation

We will start with the three rules of compensation, this lecture will delve into the process of compensation, and provide an understanding of the underlying assumptions of the three rules. Dr. Bushnell will work with you to design the antibody panels for your individual compensation experiments, including titration and everything that follows.

Essential controls in cytometry

With the reproducibility crisis in science at the forefront of people’s minds, it is critical that your flow cytometry experiments contain the necessary controls for proper data interpretation and this topic will ensure you have the right controls. Dr. Bushnell will map out a strategy for controlling your individual experiment so you can be sure your data is reproducible.

Compensation practice with FlowJo & other software

Using a 5-color dataset with both beads and cells to practice automated compensation and while testing the assumptions of the three rules of compensation. Dr. Bushnell will also work with you in whatever data analysis software you are using to help you properly gate on your cells of interest and to generate flawless figures.

Data analysis & statistics

Data analysis starts during the experimental design process, and ends with statistical analysis. Dr. Bushnell will teach you stats at the highest level relating to your flow experiments and will help you design statistical tables for your experimental outputs.

Designing experimental workflows

A flow cytometry experiment is more than adding some cells and antibodies together, especially if the experiment will be part of a larger study. This process includes the design, optimization, validation, execution, analysis and reporting of the final results. Dr. Bushnell will focus on these steps for you and your individual experimental goals.

High-throughput data analysis with FlowJo & other software

Using a high-throughput, high-dimensional dataset, you will learn how to establish an analysis workflow in Flow JoX, along with some tips and tricks to make secondary analysis easier. Regardless of what software you use for your experiments, Dr. Bushnell will work with you to analyze your high-throughput data sets correctly.

Troubleshooting negative data and sticking points

Murphy’s law is bound to strike when you least expect it. This meeting will cover some important concepts in identifying and solving some of the most common flow cytometry errors. Dr. Bushnell will work with you to uncover why your experiments are not working and develop personalized strategies for you to overcome these sticking points.

Antibody Panel Optimization

This meeting will take a deep dive on steps to help improve the quality of your flow cytometry antibody panels. Whether you need to build a 4-color panel, a 14-color panel, or a 24-color panel (which is now possible), Dr. Bushnell will help you design the panel that’s right for you and your situation. This meeting will also cover topics including choosing the right machine, implementing experimental controls and the theory of validation.

Advanced Principles Of Antibody Panel Design

The antibody panel is central to the flow cytometry experiment. Building on the concepts already presented, this meeting will provide a theoretical guide to designing a flow cytometry antibody panel that is 8-colors or more using the information about the instrument, fluorochrome, and the cells at hand.

Advanced Antibody Panel Design Exercise

Using the theory described in previous meetings, Dr. Bushnell will design a polychromatic panel to help you answer a pressing biological question or other scientific question that you have brought to the meeting. With the information provided, you will design and present your antibody panel in real-time.

Addressing Reproducibility In Real-Time

Glen Begley described the fact that only 11% of 53 landmark oncology studies were reproducible. With the time, money and effort poured forth in biomedical research, it is critical that we do better. This meeting will use “Begley’s rules” to review the mindset for improving reproducibility. Dr. Bushnell will then provide you with a personalized plan for reproducibility success.



Advanced Statistical Analysis

When all is said and done, flow cytometry data can be used to support or refute an experimental hypothesis. This meeting will discuss the theory and considerations that should be considered for proper statistical analysis. Dr. Bushnell will dive deeply into your data analyses and help you perform advanced statistical analyses to ensure that your data gets published, funded, and/or patented.

Rare Event Detection

With the ability to measure millions of events in short order, flow cytometry is an ideal tool for looking for the cellular needle in the body’s haystack. This meeting will cover three areas that are critical to monitor to be successful in rare event analysis. Dr. Bushnell will work with you on how rare event analyses can improve your recent or proposed experiments.

Principles Of Cell Sorting

Isolation of cells for downstream applications, especially genomic analysis, is an extremely valuable tool for researchers. Even if you are not running a cell sorter, this lecture will provide practical tips for designing your next sorting experiment. Dr. Bushnell will work with you individually to create a plan for a cell sorting experiment that can help your current or future work get published, funded or patented.


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