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Presenting The Executive Key And Executive Key Infinity By Cheeky Scientist

The Executive Key & Executive Key Infinity

Executive Key Members Get Lifetime Access To All Current Cheeky Scientist Advanced Programs, While Executive Key Infinity Members Get Lifetime Access To All Current & Future Advanced Programs.

As An Executive Key Member, You Will Have The Training & Support You Need To Succeed In Industry, No Matter Where Your Career Takes You.

You Are The Kind Of PhD Who Would Benefit From The Executive Key If…

  • You want access to every CURRENT Advanced Career Training Program that Cheeky Scientist offers.
  • You want access to every FUTURE Advanced Career Training Program that Cheeky Scientist will ever offer.
  • You want to make up for a lack of industry experience and/or a lack of experience in a particular industry field.
  • You want to take the limits off of your career discovery and your career development so you can become an industry insider.
  • You have multiple areas of expertise that qualify you for several industry positions.
  • You have multiple areas of interest that make it difficult to know which career trajectory is the right one for you.
  • You’ve already joined a Cheeky Scientist Advanced Program (for instance, the MSLA or MWO), but you aren’t convinced that you’ve pinpointed your ideal job.
  • You want to keep your options open and obtain additional information before aggressively pursuing a specific position.
  • You want to secure a membership in any future career-specific training program that we might release.
  • You see yourself pursuing different industry positions, and you want access to targeted training for those transitions.

We Are Offering Something That We Never Have Before…

Bundled Career Access To All Of Our Cheeky Scientist Advanced Training Programs

Verena Got Her Executive Key And Hasn't Looked Back

She Wanted To Ensure That She Got Access To Every Advanced Career Training Program That Cheeky Scientist Ever Creates…

Verena was the first PhD to join 5 or more Cheeky Scientist Advanced Career Training Programs and was also one of the first Executive Key members.

Verena found exceptional value in each Program’s training materials and each Program’s private group.

In particular, Verena was drawn to the insights, support, and motivation that each Program’s private network provided.

As she continued to join more and more Programs, her career discovery and career development accelerated faster and faster.

That’s when Verena went from having an initial industry mindset to an elite industry mindset.

Now, Verena understands the industry landscape and is confident in her business decisions.

In Verena’s words…

“I was the first Executive Key member and now have access to all of Cheeky Scientist’s Advanced Programs.

I love their proprietary system of having a training dashboard, private group, and ongoing webinars for each program.

Now that I’m in all programs, I’m free to explore and master different career tracks and to become increasingly knowledgeable of industry at an executive level.

I can’t wait to see which Advanced Programs Cheeky Scientist creates next.”

Get Lifetime Access To All Current Advanced Programs With Executive Key OR Lifetime Access To All Current & Future Programs With Executive Key Infinity.

The Executive Key Is A Solution For PhDs Who…

  • Are frustrated with their job search or career and want more advanced training.
  • Are experiencing uncertainty because they now have many job opportunities.
  • Find themselves hesitant about painting themselves into a corner and choosing one career track when another might be better suited to their talents.
  • Wish they could “test drive” several Cheeky Scientist Advanced Programs to make a more informed decision about their future careers.
  • Want to avoid missing out on Advanced Programs that Cheeky Scientist might offer in the future.
  • Would rather pay an affordable flat fee for all Advanced Programs…versus buying the Programs separately.

The Executive Key Helps You Overcome These Challenges…

Unlike our other memberships, the Executive Key isn’t a Training Program for a specific career, such as Medical Writing or Research & Development.

Instead, the Executive Key gives you access to every Cheeky Scientist Advanced Program.

Think of the Executive Key as a way to gain full membership to every Advanced Program we’ve released to date, and the Executive Key Infinity as a way to gain full access to both every Advanced Program released to date and every Advanced Program that will ever be released.

Whether you want to join our Medical Writing Organization (MWO) or explore the resources in our Medical Science Liaison Alliance (MSLA) and Data Scientist Syndicate (DSS) programs, or perhaps you want to become a master negotiator in our PhD Negotiation League (PNL), or maybe you want to understand the U.S. Visa process and work with our team of immigration lawyers in the International PhD Community (IPC), or get access to some of our newest programs like PhDCEO and the Project Management Consortium (PMC). Now, any Advanced Program we’ve created that provides training for a specific industry job will be yours with the Executive Key membership.

That means every training video, workbook, private group, and supplemental resource is yours to gain from.

No resource will be held back.

Now, your career development will be limitless.

Why Now Is the Time To Get Your Executive Key

1. Each Program Has Program Leaders

Each Advanced Program has at least one Program Leader with specific expertise in that Program’s career path and/or specific training topic. Whether this expertise involves holding an MBA degree, having MSL experience, being an R&D Director, or having legal experience, your Program Leaders are equipped to personally mentor you.

2. Each Program Has A Board Of Directors

Each Advanced Program within the Executive Key has a Board of Directors and provides you with a Board-backed Certificate once you pass all of the Program’s modular exams. The Programs are accredited and offer you certified education credits. You can place these certificates and references these continuing education credits on your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

3. Each Program Is Backed By A Team

Each Advanced Program is backed by the expert support you are used to from our Team Cheeky trainers. Unlike lookalike courses operated by lone wolves as “side hustles”, our Programs provide instant, high-quality support from a full team of trained professionals. Instead of waiting to hear back from one person working part-time, you have the full support of a fast-growing, successful company.

4. Each Program Has A Private Group & We Have Private Group Exclusive For Executive Key Members

Each of our advanced programs has an exclusive private group where you will find mentors who can provide personalized guidance. Additionally, you will have access to a private group exclusive for Executive Members, when you can discuss different aspects of your job search with like-minded PhDs.

In the private groups, fellow PhDs currently working at top companies in industry are committed to providing a high level of service within this intimate community. You’ll appreciate how the private groups are designed to provide personalized guidance and swift feedback.

3 Reasons You Should NOT Limit Your Career Discovery Or Career Development

1. Limiting Your Career Options Results In Expensive Opportunity Costs

An “opportunity cost” is the sum of the benefits an individual misses out on when choosing one alternative over another.

When you choose to stay in the dark about your future career and your overall career options, you’re paying an expensive opportunity cost. Likewise, when you choose to keep your career discovery and career development limited, you pay an expensive opportunity cost.

Consider what you’re potentially missing out on: identifying the best career path for yourself, finding the professional network of PhDs you fit in with the best, being able to accurately compare and contrast career options, having a birds-eye-view of how different career paths in industry fit together, getting referrals as well as transition and promotion advice from elite industry PhDs in the “Executive Associates” group, and having first access to all future advanced programs released by Cheeky Scientist.

2. Too Much Uncertainty Can Leave You Frustrated & Depressed

Making a career transition or getting a career promotion, like any other major goal, requires focused effort.

But if you’re not sure which career to choose or if you’re not sure that you’ve chosen the right career in the first place, it’s a good idea to evaluate whether or not you’re fragmenting your efforts. For example, if you’re researching MSL positions and looking into R&D jobs while also wondering if you should actually start your own business–you’re fragmenting your efforts.

The Executive Key can help you end the analysis paralysis. It can help you avoid fragmenting your mental energy and wasting what little time you have available. Being able to get instant training and support on any career path, any sector of industry and any aspect of your job search will save you time and ensure you move from research to execution quickly so you can achieve your current career goal …and your next career goal …and your next career goal.

3. Indecision Will Distract You & Fragment Your Efforts

If you’re leaving academia, perhaps it’s because you’re already dealing with discouragement. Controlling academic superiors, toxic colleagues, and broken dreams of being a tenured professor and the uncertainty that comes with these negative people and events can cause extreme stress and decreased energy levels.

If you don’t take action to gain certainty and to take control of your career, your morale will continue to suffer.

Refuse to stay undecided. Refuse to stay stuck in uncertainty. Instead, get unlimited access to the training and networks you need to always know that you are on the right track and to always know that you can quickly change tracks if and when needed.

The Executive Key will provide you with everything you need to take the limits off of your career discovery and career development so that you can be 100% certain in your future.

Adwait Got His Executive Key And Has Used It To Unlock New Career Paths

He Wanted The Freedom And Certainty That Came With Having Access To Elite

Training And Support For Any Career Path.

Adwait Ranade, Ph.D. is an Executive Key member and as a result, was able to transition into multiple types of industry positions, which has accelerated his career and salary trajectory.

But why did Adwait join so many Advanced Programs in the first place?

Was it because he was unhappy with his first career choice?

Was it because he was lost and unsuccessful?

The answer is NO to all of the above.

Instead, Adwait joined so many Programs because he had diverse industry interests.

Adwait had come to trust Cheeky Scientist’s training methodology and wanted to learn more industries and ALL they had to offer.

The more he learned about industry and the more experience he eventually gained in industry, the more eager he became to learn about additional career tracks.

Adwait also adapted his initial industry mindset to an elite industry mindset, whereby he started to think about his overall development as a business professional.

Once he developed this elite industry mindset, he knew that being a lifetime learner and continuously learning about different careers and different aspects of industry was the key to becoming more and more successful and, just as importantly, more and more fulfilled.

This is what Adwait had to say in his own words…

“I’m very happy to be an Executive Key member and to be a member of all of Cheeky Scientist’s Advanced Programs.

I went from being an R&D Scientist and using the R&D Society training material and private network heavily to get hired into this role, to being a Medical Writer and using the Medical Writing Organization training and community to get hired and promoted in this field.

Now I’m using the Medical Science Liaison Alliance along with the advanced business training in ScientistMBA and PhDCEO to continue my transition and climb in industry.

The Executive Key has allowed me to stay one step ahead every time.

I definitely recommend it.

You cannot put a price on this.”

What Our Advanced Programs Include…

  • Focused training to help you transition into specific industry niches
  • They help you understand career-specific expectations
  • Connect you with intimate networks of professionals built around specific careers
  • Provide an advanced, highly structured dashboard with designed workbooks, HD videos, and board-certified exams
  • They are supported by a board of industry professionals and hiring managers in each specific career

You Save Thousands Of Dollars When You Become An Executive Key Member…

  • The average list price of every Advanced Program is $598.
  • This means that all 9 current Advanced Programs would normally cost you $5,382.
  • By joining the Executive Key at $3,998, you would save $1,384.
  • That’s right – you can save $1,384 right now!
  • If you become an Executive Key Infinity member, you save even more.
  • With each new Advanced Program costing $598 or more after release, and with at least 3 new Advanced Programs already scheduled to launch before the end of the year, you would save thousands more.

The Executive Key Is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Executive Key Is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You Can Make a Risk-Free Decision

If you become an Executive Key member, complete the training materials, and still have doubts about the program, then we’ll gladly refund 100% of your money up to two weeks (14 days) after you’ve joined.

IMPORTANT: To be eligible for a refund, you must complete the program’s exercises and join in the private community. This means you must take action in this program.

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to transition into the right career for you over and over again, and you should have the freedom to make that decision without any risk.

Get Lifetime Access To All Current Advanced Programs With Executive Key OR Lifetime Access To All Current & Future Programs With Executive Key Infinity.

Here's What You Get Immediate Access To When You Become An Executive Key Member...


This detailed program is a crash course in business for any PhD who aspires to a management role. If you want access to business training for managing people and departments, this program will equip you. ScientistMBA allows PhDs to…

  • Get an introduction to critical business concepts. Those who are part of an organization’s upper hierarchy are expected to be business savvy. The ScientistMBA program helps you prove that you belong in the ranks of managers. This course will explain economics, finance, organizational structure, and more.
  • Read relevant case studies. Practical application is an essential part of absorbing new information. You’ll find that ScientistMBA provides access to a case study for each module.
  • Gain guidance for getting hired into a management position. The ScientistMBA program devotes several of its modules toward landing a position that is NOT an entry-level job. We’ll cover everything from different types of networking to your elevator pitch.

The ScientistMBA course is headed by program leaders Ramya Raman, who holds her PhD and MBA, and has won several training awards in business leadership, Becky Papp, who holds an MBA and has worked with many of the worlds fastest growing tech companies, specializing in transforming startups into mid-size private companies with large investors, and Aja Isble, who holds her MSc and MBA and has worked in executive roles at Amgen, Baxter, Shire and Takeda. If you’re a PhD who wants to accelerate how quickly you become a manager, check out this eight-module course.


Are you a PhD with a patent to your name? Have you spent too many years in academia when you could have pursued your passion for merging science with entrepreneurship? If so, you’ll want to explore our PhDCEO program—a course designed for the PhD who desires to transition into the role of a business owner. With this course, you can…

  • Discover the startup model that mitigates your risk of failure. You’ve heard the saying, “Most startups fail.” If you’re wondering how to avoid becoming part of a statistic, check out the PhDCEO program. This course will introduce you to a business model that wields the power of the scientific method, making it easier to succeed.
  • Learn how to launch your startup…without venture capital. Yes, your PhDCEO course will cover investors (in fact, there’s a whole module devoted to the topic). However, our course is designed to help you become an entrepreneur who doesn’t need to beg investors to back your startup.
  • Broaden your understanding on a range of entrepreneurial topics. When you land an industry position, your transition technically ends with accepting your first job. However, when you’re starting a business, you’re effectively creating your transition. This course supports your new role by covering a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship, such as your minimum viable product (MVP) and project management.

In the PhDCEO program, your program leaders will be Isaiah Hankel, PhD, the founder of Cheeky Scientist and bestselling author of two business books, and other startup experts including winners of Startup Weekend awards. Upon becoming a member, you can also discover other PhDs who aspire to be entrepreneurs through your private group.

R&D Society

Are you a PhD who loves research experiments? If so, you likely have a lot of research experience, which gives you the “R” in R&D, but you likely do NOT any development experience whatsoever, whether product development, drug development, business development, or other. This means you are lacking the “D” in R&D. How can you get hired into an R&D position if you are lacking half of the R&D equation.

  • Know the difference between research in academia and research in industry. As an R&D scientist, you’ll still be leveraging your skills in hands-on research. However, you will have very different goals from those you pursued in academia. This course will help you shift your mindset so you know what to expect and how to align yourself with the objectives of a potential employer.
  • Learn how to prepare yourself for interacting with R&D companies. Let the R&D Society prepare you to handle a phone interview, deliver a presentation, and much more. Your course will help you better understand the expectations of an interviewing organization.
  • Discover how you can mature in your career. Wondering what lies beyond securing your first R&D position? You’ll discover other industry jobs to consider as well as R&D trends.

The R&D Society is headed up by your program leaders Nathalie Fiaschi, PhD who is an Associate Director at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest and most successful pharma companies in the world (thanks in part to a PhD who came in as Regeneron’s CEO and build the company to fame), and Elliott Brecht, PhD, a Senior Scientist at Genentech who has traveled the world training R&D professionals on advanced research and business concepts. If you’re ready to put your laboratory skills to work for a better cause than pleasing your PI, the R&D Society can help.

Medical Science Liaison Alliance

Are you a driven PhD who thrives on science and person-to-person interactions with PhDs, MDs and other Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs? Can you deliver an informative, accurate scientific presentation…and then find yourself surrounded by a knot of other colleagues who enjoy your charismatic personality? Let the MSL Alliance acquaint you with a career that capitalizes upon your knack for building relationships and satisfies your thirst for scientific innovation.

  • Understand key MSL terminology you should know. As with any profession, there are important terms you need to get familiar with if you want to be an MSL. If you desire to make a good impression with decision-makers, this course will help you begin to acquire the MSL’s vocabulary.
  • Discover an MSL’s responsibilities. The MSL position may look radically different from the roles and responsibilities you’ve had in academia. As an MSL, you’ll need to keep your knowledge up to date, cultivate communication with key opinion leaders, and more.
  • Learn the process for bringing a medical therapy to market. As an MSL, it’s important to have a solid grasp of the clinical trials involved in medical therapies. If you’re unfamiliar with clinical trials, the MSLA will help you understand the “behind the scenes” of medical drugs.

For the MSL Alliance, your program leaders will be Yuri Klyachkin, PhD, a Senior Regional Medical Science Liaison for Celgene and Elizabeth Jeanne Thatcher, PhD, a Field Medical Science Liaison Director at Pfizer. If you’re passionate about being part of the leading edge of science—and seeing your scientific expertise have a positive impact—you’ll want to give the MSL Alliance serious consideration.

International PhD Community

International PhD Community
If you are an international PhD who wants to work in the US but are not a US citizen—getting hired in industry becomes more challenging. As you look to transition, you might struggle to understand which route you should take to stay in the U.S….or how to move past your immigration status when it comes to employers. If you’re a PhD who needs guidance, use this course to…

  • Get clarity on which industry companies are currently hiring expats and get clarity on the various visas available to you. Would you find it hard to explain F-1 visas, J-1 visas, and H-1B visas to a fellow PhD? Then, you might have difficulty helping an organization understand your situation. If the immigration process seems like wading through an alphabet soup, let the International PhD Community help you understand the characteristics of the visas covered in your course.
  • Get personalized advice from a variety of top immigration lawyers in the U.S., as well as other expats already working in industry. One PhD may want to pursue an H-1B visa. Another PhD may decide that the EB-1 visa is the better choice given his or her circumstances. After going through the International PhD course, you’ll have key information to select the option that provides the best chance for staying in the US.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the immigration process and the advantages you have as an expat, so you can explain the process simply to employers, thereby relieving their stress and uncertainty about hiring you. There’s a chance that your future employer isn’t well acquainted with the US immigration process. As an international PhD, it’s your job to be your employer’s trusted resource. This course will empower you to bridge any information gaps an interviewing organization might have.

Brian Getson, JD, an immigration lawyer and Partner at Getson & Schatz, Arunodoy Sur, PhD, a Business Analyst and Technology Licensing Officer at Nova Southeastern, and Rupsa Basu, PhD a Research Scientist at TechnoVax are the program leaders of the International PhD Community. By going through this program, you’ll make progress toward learning about US immigration, choosing the best path forward, and accurately communicating about the immigration process with organizations interested in your skills.

Medical Writing Organization

Are you a PhD who’s known for your proficiency with the written word? Do you stand out from other PhDs because writing research papers is second nature? If so, you’ll want to explore this six-module training program. The MWO allows you to…

  • Discover which skills matter for the medical writing profession. Not every PhD is qualified to become a medical writer. In this program, you’ll learn about the important competencies that should be in your toolbox. (Hint: You’ll learn that having English as your first language isn’t one of them.)
  • Get exercises to prepare you for your future career. When you join the MWO, your learning experience won’t simply be an exercise in abstract thinking—it will also involve a heuristic element. The MWO includes realistic medical writing (and editing) assignments. These provide a practical look at the medical writing industry while helping you gain some much-needed experience.
  • See what insiders have to say. Are you eager to glean information from other medical writers about what it’s like to work in this industry? Your course includes commentary from those with experience in medical writing, and your private group will include medical-writing PhDs.

When you join the MWO, your program leader will be Evguenia Alechine, PhD, ELS, a European and American Medical Writing Association speaker and team leader, Anand Devasthanam, PhD, a Medical Writer at Parexel, and Clare Chang, PhD, a Medical Writer at dMed Pharmaceuticals. If you’re ready to enter a profession that allows your communication skills to more fully flourish, use the MWO to boost your confidence and begin targeting medical writing positions.

Project Management Consortium

This detailed program is a crash course in project management for PhDs who aspire to a Project Manager role or want to showcase their Project Management skills in different industry positions. If you want access to targeted content about managing projects in industry, you’ll want to explore this program. The PMC allows PhDs to…

  • Get an introduction to critical project management concepts. You will explore the phases of a project, what you have to take into account to prevent your projects from failing, and the most common methodologies and tools to manage projects in industry.
  • Discover project manager responsibilities. What are the main tasks that project managers do on a daily basis? In the PMC, you’ll learn the skills that project managers need to be successful. You might think that managing projects in industry is completely different from doing research in academia, but this program will help you showcase your current skills to industry hiring managers.
  • Understand what your career progression will look like once you gain project management experience. Industry experience as a project manager will open many doors in your career. The PMC will walk you through all of your options so that you can have a fulfilling career.

The PMC is led by Orly Levitan, PhD, award-winning instructor and Senior Project Manager at HYGIEACARE Inc. If you’re interested in leading important initiatives and harnessing team dynamics to accomplish company goals, you’ll want to get access to the Consortium right now.

Application Scientist Assembly (ASA)

Are you a driven PhD who thrives on science and interactions with diverse audiences including researchers, lay people, and business decision makers? Are you the person in the lab that others go to for troubleshooting? Do you find yourself surrounded by people because others enjoy your charismatic personality?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you would make a fantastic Application Scientist. Application Scientists are customer-facing technical experts who serve as liaisons between biotech companies and those who rely on their products. Let the ASA prepare you for this career that capitalizes upon your knack for building relationships and satisfies your thirst for scientific innovation.

  • Learn about the different types of Application Scientists and what their work days look like. The Application Scientist position allows you to leverage many skills that you developed during your time in academia. As an Application Scientist, you’ll need to keep your knowledge up-to-date, communicate with customers, and more.
  • Understand key Application Scientist terminology. As with any profession, there are essential terms you need to get familiar with if you want to be an Application Scientist. This course will help you acquire the Application Scientist vocabulary so you can make a good impression with decision makers.
  • Learn how to succeed in the Application Scientist hiring process and what career progression can look like once you land your first Application Scientist role. The ASA shows you how to set up your job search strategy to find the position that is best for you. It also covers the many vertical and horizontal moves that a role as an Application Scientist will open for you. 

The ASA program leader is Alex Woychek, PhD, MPH, award-winning expert in  molecular biology, cell culture, and microscopy and Field Application Scientist at Akoya Biosciences. Through the program, you’ll get all the insider insights from Alex and the other current industry Application Scientists on the ASA Board you need to break into the Application Scientist industry. These insights are exclusive to the ASA. You won’t find this information anywhere else.

If you’re passionate about being part of the leading edge of science—and seeing your scientific expertise have a positive impact—you’ll want to give the ASA serious consideration.

Data Scientist Syndicate

If you want to help companies make data-driven decisions and interpret their data to get valuable insights, then you’ll want to take a look into this six-module program. The DSS allows PhDs to…

  • Get an introduction into the field of data science, understand why this field is so hot right now, and learn about the main positions available in this field. The DSS explores how data scientists can impact different industries and the skills they need to be successful in industry. Most of the skills you have already developed during grad school.
  • You’ll learn about the most relevant program languages and tools used by data scientists today. The program explores top-of-the-line tools used by data scientists in different fields and gives you resources you can use to learn them.
  • Learn how to prepare yourself for interacting with companies hiring data scientists. Let the Data Scientist Syndicate prepare you to create your portfolio, deal with take-home assignments, and much more. The course will help you better understand the expectations of an interviewing organization.

Program leaders in the Data Scientist Syndicate include Kasey Hemington, PhD,Data Scientist at Canada Post; and Shobeir K.S. Mazinani, PhD, Senior Data Scientist at Aetna. If you’re passionate about using the scientific method to back up your decisions with data, you’ll want to give the Data Scientist Syndicate serious consideration.

PhD Negotiation League

Are you a PhD who understands the importance of professional negotiation, but you feel uncomfortable negotiating? Or maybe you feel that you will never be successful in a professional negotiation setting. If so, you should give the PNL a look. PNL allows PhDs to…

  • Understand the basics of negotiation—what it is and why it matters. This program will give you detailed information about professional deal making and how this skill can play a significant role in your career satisfaction and progression – you will become a better negotiator.
  • Review the most relevant negotiation tactics that you can use in a professional setting and the behaviors that reliably make the other side like you, increasing your chances of success.
  • Go through specific scripts that will allow you to practice negotiating in different situations so you can enter your real life negotiation prepared and confident.

The PhD Negotiation League is led by Don Asher, PhD, world-renowned business executive, expert negotiator, and bestselling author of 10 different career development books. If you’re interested in learning how to expertly negotiate salary contracts and make bigger and bigger deals as you climb the corporate ladder, you’ll want to get access to the League.

Management Consulting Firm

This program is designed explicitly for PhDs who want to transition into management consulting. This program will show you everything you need to know to leverage the skills you gained in grad school during the consulting hiring process. MCF allow PhDs to…

  • Understand how the management consulting industry works and what you should expect your day-to-day to look like once you become a management consultant.
  • Get familiar with the consulting hiring process and all of its components. You’ll learn how to prepare for the case and the fit interview so you wow employers and get hired.
  • Learn how to approach a case study. The program will show you the parts of a case interview and how you should practice them before applying to management consultant roles.

The MCF program is headed by program leader James Wadsworth, a former management consultant at McKinsey & Co, who has extensive experience coaching consulting candidates. If you’re a PhD who wants to enter the consulting world, you should check out this laser-focused program.

Regulatory Affairs Council

This detailed program is a crash course in regulatory affairs for PhDs who aspire to work with regulations either in a private company of a government agency. If you want access to targeted content about the regulatory affairs field, you’ll want to explore this program. The RAC allows PhDs to…

  • Get an introduction to the regulatory affairs industry. You will explore what regulatory affairs is and what the role of a regulatory affairs specialist encompasses. You will also go through the steps necessary to get products approved and how regulatory affairs professionals influence each of those steps.
  • Discover the responsibilities of regulatory affairs professionals. What are the main tasks that regulatory affairs specialists do on a daily basis? In the RAC, you’ll learn the skills that project managers need to be successful. You will also go through the day-to-day tasks of regulatory affairs specialists a how these are different if you work for a company or for the government.
  • Understand what your career progression will look like once you gain regulatory experience. Industry experience as a regulatory affairs specialist will open many doors in your career. The RAC will walk you through all of your options so that you can have a fulfilling career.

The RAC is led by Rebba Boswell-Casteel, PhD, Evidence Evaluation Manager at Smith & Nephew. If you want to ensure that safe and effective products reach the market by safeguarding regulatory compliance, you’ll want to get access to the Council right now.

Get Lifetime Access To All Current Advanced Programs With Executive Key OR Lifetime Access To All Current & Future Programs With Executive Key Infinity.

The Executive Key will provide you with everything you need to take the limits off of your career discovery and career development so that you can be 100% certain in your future.

Take The Limits Off Of Your Career Discovery & Career Development

Get Unlimited Access To ALL Of Cheeky Scientist’s Advanced Programs