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Elevate Your Resume And Speed Up Your Transition With Direct Access To Isaiah Hankel, PhD, And The Resume Consultants At Cheeky Scientist

Introducing The Credible Resume Service

Get Personalized Guidance From Isaiah To Ensure That You Have A Resume That Gets The Attention Of Hiring Managers And Takes You Job Search To Another Level

Here Is What You Get Access To When You Become A Member Of The Credible Resume Service

“The process Isaiah took me through to create my resume was intensive, detailed, and complete. He shared his masterful knowledge of keywords and of leveraging my unique selling proposition in the marketplace to substantially improve my resume, as well as my LinkedIn profile and my overall professional presence. I now display a high-level of industry credibility and have Isaiah to thank. I’m very happy to have access to the new Resume Builder for life now too.”

“Isaiah and I worked one-on-one together and the experience was incredibly helpful. We went through a very structured process of extracting my transferable skills, technical skills, and quantified results for the bullet points in my resume. Isaiah carefully crafted my resume but also went beyond to discuss the roles I was interested in and how to approach my job search. He gave me strategic insights and showed me how to differentiate myself from other job candidates. The Resume Builder is very excited and I'm very happy to have access to it for life. I recommend working with Isaiah for all PhDs.”

“Isaiah and I worked one-on-one together and the experience was incredibly helpful. We went through a very structured process of extracting my transferable skills, technical skills, and quantified results for the bullet points in my resume. Isaiah carefully crafted my resume but also went beyond to discuss the roles I was interested in and how to approach my job search. He gave me strategic insights and showed me how to differentiate myself from other job candidates. The Resume Builder is very exciting and I'm very happy to have access to it for life. I recommend working with Isaiah for all PhDs.”

The Credible Resume Service Is Designed for PhDs Who Want To…

  • Access personalized resume guidance from Isaiah Hankel, PhD, and other expert resume consultants at Cheeky Scientist.
  • Leverage Isaiah’s insights gained from 10+ years as an industry executive and connections to 500+ global companies to translate their academic experience into industry value propositions.
  • Have their resume written by a professional who understands the challenges associated with a PhD-level job search and the value PhDs bring to industry.
  • Obtain extra resume support to overcome special job search challenges such as a rare academic background, US visa requirements, geographic location restrictions, a demanding schedule, or imposter syndrome.
  • Reduce the time and energy spent on the resume writing portion of their job search.
  • Get past the resume sticking points they’ve hit, speed up their industry transition, and avoid unemployment.
  • Invest in their personal professional brand and facilitate future career advancement with lifetime access to the Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder.

Your Resume Can Make Or Break Your Job Search...

Only 2% Of resumes submitted to a job posting that will result in an interview invitation (Workopolis).
5-7 seconds Amount of time employers and recruiters spend on a resume before deciding to move forward to a phone screen (Ladders).
29% Increase in your chance of being called for an interview by having the right industry buzzwords on your resume (TalentWorks).
$3,000+ The cost of a high-quality resume writing service for a top professional (Great Resumes Fast).
$35,000 The difference in the salary offered for a Scientist I position based on resume quality (Salary).
10-25% First resumes submitted to any opening are reviewed by employers, which means that those who don’t have their resume ready to submit as soon as a job is posted miss out (TalentWorks).

The Credible Resume Service Provides Exclusive Access To Isaiah Hankel

The Credible Resume Service gives you intimate, one-on-one access to Isaiah Hankel, PhD, and other industry consultants who work closely with Team Cheeky.

You’ll meet with Isaiah to discuss your PhD experience over a video conference call. Isaiah will work with you to identify the skills and results that your resume should highlight to demonstrate your value in industry.

You’ll receive your Cheeky Scientist Gold Standard Resume written by Isaiah himself and peer-reviewed by his team of expert resume consultants.

You will also have access to Isaiah through Voxer and guaranteed response to any of your questions about your resume and job search strategy within 24 hours.

Through the Credible Resume Service, you’ll get a resume that convinces top employers to accelerate your job search. And once you finish the consultation rounds, you will get life-time access to the Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder to ensure you are never stuck in the resume part of your job search again.

An article in Advancing Women explains…  

“If you want to write a resume that gets noticed by employers, you need to do an assessment of your skills, interests and abilities before you write your resume. You also want to develop a resume objective that best describes the type of position you’re applying for. It could take several weeks for you to complete your resume.”

Currently, the Association gives you the knowledge needed to construct a compelling industry resume. You also have access to feedback from other PhDs to support your resume writing efforts thanks to our private group.

It’s helpful to browse the resume materials, video trainings, and templates in your CSA dashboard. It’s also helpful to discuss resume writing strategies with other Cheekies online.

But that isn’t the same thing as intensive resume training.

The CSA isn’t just for resumes. It doesn’t include a formalized structure to ensure you’ve identified your top skills and that your resume demonstrates them in a way that the industry employers who will review it will fully appreciate.

The CSA structure works fine for some PhDs…but it may be less than ideal for others.

Most PhDs have never been trained to write an industry resume or speak the language of industry. As a result, it can take hours to craft just one of the 12-15 resume bullet points and several weeks, and months to create a finished draft. This is time that PhDs with approaching defense dates, expiring postdoc contracts, and significant schedule constraints simply do not have.

Here are some details on how the Credible Resume Service is designed to quickly generate a resume that accelerates your industry transition.

An Overview Of The Concentrated Support You’ll Receive With The Credible Resume Service

Live Video Conference Calls With Isaiah Hankel, PhD, Resulting In A Finished PhD Industry Resume

  • The Credible Resume Service gives you the opportunity to be on two live, one-on-one conference calls with Isaiah Hankel. These calls aren’t pre-recorded sessions or webinars. Instead, you’ll have Isaiah’s complete attention on your resume needs. During the first call you’ll discuss the relevant information for you industry resume and during the second call, you will review your resume and discuss your job search strategy. 
  • Whether you realize it or not, your PhD training has prepared you to play a distinguished role in industry. During your one-on-one calls with Isaiah, you will identify your unique selling proposition. So, you can show industry hiring managers why you are the right fit for your target position. 
  • As a PhD transitioning into industry, you are probably still learning to explain your value to professionals outside of academia. Isaiah Hankel, PhD has more than 10 years of experience as an industry executive and connections to 500+ top global companies. Thanks to this experience, Isaiah has become an industry keyword thesaurus. Together, you will identify the terms your resume needs to include so that employers understand what you have to offer.
  • If, like many PhDs, you are planning your first transition into industry, you may take hours to make progress on your resume. Take advantage of our specialized resume training to move forward in your job search.

Personalized One-On-One Consulting

  • Get daily access to Isaiah using the Voxer app to solve any doubts you might have about your industry resume or your job search strategy.
  • Voxer is a direct, real-time (walkie talkie) voice app that you will get access to once you become a Credible Resume Service member. Using Voxer, you can send voice notes to Isaiah on a daily basis and get a personalized response within 24 hours.
  • Use Voxer to get Isaiah’s take on your unique selling proposition, the keywords that you should highlight in your resume, and your unique Job Search Strategy. 

A Personalized Gold Standard Resume Written Bu Isaiah

  • Get a Cheeky Scientist Gold Standard Resume written for you by Isaiah and on your first 30-minute one-on-one consultation and peer-reviewed by Isaiah’s expert team of resume consultants. This structure saves you the time and energy you would otherwise have to invest to generate an exceptional industry resume by yourself.
  • Obtain a 3 bullet point professional summary optimized with your best selling points as a job candidate. The Gold Standard Resume places this summary at the top of the first page where eye-tracking studies have revealed that recruiters and employers spend most of their 5-7 second resume review time (Ladders).
  • Get your work experience outlined in bullet points that follow the transferable skill -> technical skill -> quantifiable result structure. Studies have shown that using this bullet point format in your resume increases your hireability by 40% (TalentWorks).

Lifetime Access To The Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder

  • Get your completed Gold Standard Resume uploaded by one of our consultants into our in-house developed Resume Builder. With this tool, you’ll have access to your PhD industry resume anywhere you have internet access.
  • Take advantage of the Resume Builder’s 8 sections as you tailor your resume for each of your job applications. The Resume Builder’s features make it easy to customize your resume and implement the advice on targeting different PhD-level industry careers that you’ll receive during your one-on-one consultations.
  • Maintain life-time access to the Resume Builder. When you’re ready to add a new achievement to your resume or pursue your next industry role, this tool will make revising your resume easy. You can also take advantage of this tool if you want to transform your CSA Gold Standard Resume into a recruiter, functional, or side-bar resume. So, you can always have the perfect resume for each particular situation.

If Writing A Compelling PhD Industry Resume Seems Impossible, Consider That…

Academia Offers PhDs Little Guidance On Industry Resumes

Few institutions offer formal workshops on writing an industry resume. Those that do probably only offer those workshops once or twice a year.

A single session isn’t enough to enable most PhDs to break out of the communication habits they’ve practiced daily for years in academia and start speaking the language of industry.

Most PhDs will need to spend more time familiarizing themselves with the terms used in by industry professionals and within their specific target sector. They’ll also need to figure out how to represent their skills, experience, and understanding of their desired role in a succinct 2-page resume. 

The fact is, there is a science to PhD industry resume writing. However, because academia fails to teach PhDs this science, many end up unprepared to generate a resume on top of their other essential job search activities.

It’s not your fault that academia isn’t meeting PhD’s needs for training on industry resumes. It’s not your fault if the CSA provided your first introduction to industry resume writing. And it’s not your fault that professional resume writing services don’t have the experience required to fill these gaps for PhDs.

You’re not the only one struggling to write your resume. We’ve helped over 10,000 PhDs in this task, and we’re confident our personalized support can get you past the industry resume writing hurdles you’re facing, no matter your particular situation.

Every PhD’s Experience Is Unique

Maybe you know several PhDs who breezed through the CSA’s resume writing instructions and produced an impressive resume with ease.

However, your situation is not comparable to theirs. 

Perhaps their PhDs are in a STEM discipline, which makes it easier for them to translate their experience to jobs in biotech, pharma, and healthcare. Your doctorate is in sociology or history—and you know that your path into your first industry role is going to look very different.

Or perhaps the imposter syndrome you’ve developed in academia has made it very difficult for you to appreciate your knowledge and skills.

The fact is, there isn’t an automated academic-to-industry language translator that PhDs can use to overcome these and other challenges. 

Are there certain common experiences and skills among PhDs? Yes.

Is there only one method for identifying your unique PhD skills or set of keywords all PhD should use in their resumes? No.

To get over the finish line with your resume, you may benefit from fresh insights from industry insiders. You may benefit from extra help translating your academic experience into industry-relevant language, and that’s okay.

It’s Critical To Invest In The Support You Need

Most PhDs are exceptionally independent and self-motivated.

PhDs rarely need help. As a result, they may fail to recognize when they would greatly benefit from assistance or seek out support in the instances in which they do need it.

Such is the case with industry resume writing. Many PhDs suffer when trying to write their resumes alone. They prolong their job search because they feel guilty investing in additional support despite juggling work and family duties before adding their transition efforts into the mix. Or they feel that because they’ve done everything else for themselves, they need to become expert resume writers too.

But even top professionals enlist additional support sometimes.

How do leading business professionals obtain a resume that gets them a new job despite their demanding schedules?

They get help. They pay professional resume writers thousands of dollars to have a resume prepared for them that represents their personal brand and executive skill sets. In doing so, they accelerate their transition without sacrificing their performance in their current job, their health, or their family commitments.

If it’s OK for top executives to get help on their resumes, it’s definitely OK for PhDs transitioning into a new industry role to invest in this type of support.

The Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder Removes Common Obstacles PhDs Face When Crafting Their Industry Resume

Save Unlimited Resumes

You probably know that you should target you resume for each position you apply to, and that you should keep your resume updated even if you are currently employed. However, a single job search can require over a hundred applications. So, keeping track of all of them and staying organized can be a challenge. That’s why the Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder allows you to save as many resumes as you want, so you can stay organized and access them anytime you need as long as you have access to the internet.

Choose Any Of Our Resume Templates

Different situations call for different resume templates. Once you become a members, you will get a personalized resume in the Gold Standard Template, which will guarantee that you get the attention of hiring managers. But maybe you want to work with a recruiter, or apply to a position that calls for a one-page resume. So, you want to use another template. With the resume builder you can easily adapt your Gold Standard resume to any of the other formats approved by Cheeky Scientist.

Ensure That You Resume Is Skimmable And Easy To read

As a PhD, you don’t have time to waste making a resume looks good, yet those small details can eat up a lot of your time. Have you ever spent hours making sure your resume has the right margins, enough white, and that all the text is justified correctly? Once you have access to the Cheeky Scientist Resume, you won’t have to worry about that. Just add the text and our proprietary software will make sure that the spacing is consistent and your resume is easy to skim, so you can convince recruiters and hiring manager to spend more than 6 seconds on it.

The Credible Resume Service Helps You Accelerate Your Job Search.

The Credible Resume Service provides the intensive, personalized resume training you need to create a resume that best sells you as a job candidate.

During one-on-one consultation calls, Isaiah will give you the one-on-one support you need to overcome any sticking point you are facing in the resume writing portion of your job search.

You will discuss with Isaiah when is the best time to make your consultation call. All PhDs are welcome, regardless of their geographic location or time zone.

The CRS allows you to request support based on your needs, your location, and your schedule.

When You Sign Up For The Credible Resume Service, You Will Get Concentrated Support For Your Resume.

You probably know from firsthand experience that writing the resume you need to transition into industry can take hours if not months.

Creating a competitive resume takes patience, even with the support of the CSA materials and community.

In contrast, joining the Credible Resume Service ensures you will have the right resume for your job search in a short time frame.

With the Credible Resume Service, there’s a small gap between becoming a member and reaping the benefits of your membership.

You’ll also get instant access to our proprietary Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder software.

You’ll learn your unique value as a PhD in your first one-on-one consultation with Isaiah.

You’ll get your first draft of your Cheeky Scientist Gold Standard Resume within one week of your first meeting with Isaiah.

And once we’ve reviewed your resume, we guarantee that it will land you a phone screen within 30 days. 

The Credible Resume Service will get your resume- and your job search- on track to accelerate your transition into your dream industry role.

Here’s The Personalized Training You’ll Receive From The Credible Resume Service...


  • Meet One-on-one with Isaiah Hankel, PhD, for 30 minutes
  • Share your industry transition goals and challenges
  • Identify your most valuable transferable, technical, and personal skills
  • Learn which results best demonstrate your skills
  • Define your personal brand
  • Output: Your unique selling proposition translated from academia to industry.

Resume Writing

  • Have your resume written for you by Isaiah himself and reviewed by Isaiah’s expert team of resume consultants based on the information gathered during the first consultation call
  • Isaiah and our team of consultants will
    • Get your academic work experience translated into the language of industry 
    • Match your top skills with your most impressive quantifiable results
    • Create a resume that distinguishes you from other job candidates and boost your chances of getting an interview
  • Output: A Personalized Gold Standard Industry Resume, Including All Sections From Professional Summary To Award And Hobbies, That Specifically Matches Your Professional Goals.

Resume Finalization

  • Review and finalize your resume in a second 30-minute one-on-one consultation with Isaiah 
  • During this call, your will
    • Perform collaborative final reviews and edits on your new resume
    • Get an introductory demo to the new Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder
    • Create a job search strategy leveraging the resume
  • Output: Your completed resume uploaded into the Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder and guaranteed to land you a phone screen or interview within 30 days.

Daily Access To Isaiah Through Voxer

  • Send Isaiah voice messages and get a personalized response within 24 hours
  • Through Voxer, you can discuss your job search strategy with Isaiah and leverage his insights to accelerate your transition
    • Identify your most valuable transferable, technical, and personal skills
    • Learn which results best demonstrate your skills
    • Define your personal brand
  • Output: Personalized and up to date insights on how to achieve your professional goals.

Lifetime Access To The Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder

  • We developed the Cheeky Scientist Resume Builder to give PhDs a tool to remove common obstacles PhDs face when crafting their industry resume
  • Our Proprietary Software you will be able to
    • Save and organize as many resumes as you want
    • Create resumes using any of our Cheeky-Approved Resume Templates
    • Easily update and target your resume insuring you always have the right format
  • Output: Lifetime access to well-crafted and easily updated resumes. 

The Credible Resume Service Is Yours For The Taking

We’ve said a lot about the Credible Resume Service. But the decision is ultimately yours. This is an opportunity to connect with Isaiah and the Cheeky Scientist Team in a way that you never have before. This is an opportunity to perfect your resume. This is an opportunity to bring expert insight to your job search.