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…But We Can Help You Find An Industry Job That Allows You To Do Meaningful Work & Be Paid Well For It

Here's What You Get Immediate, Lifetime Access To When You Become An Associate Now...

“Before Cheeky Scientist, I had never worked outside of academia. I didn't even know how to begin my industry job search. CS has changed my life for the better - now, I'm a software engineer at Google. Pretty big difference. Cheeky Scientist made it possible, and they'll do the same for you.”

“I Joined Cheeky Scientist in hoping to transition into a new career path Suffice it to say... I did it! I currently work as an evidence evaluation specialist - a position I landed after responding to a job posting in the Cheeky Scientist private networking group.”

“I didn't know how to best prepare for my transition into industry, so I struggled to shift out of my long-held academic mindset. Everything changed once I became a member of Cheeky Scientist. Now I work in a top position at Amazon as a research scientist.”

“I was hesitant to join at first as my background is in applied mathematics but the job search strategy is the same regardless of your background. I instantly made valuable connections within the private group and now work as a consultant at McKinsey.”

“I didn’t even know how to write an industry resume before joining Cheeky Scientist... Fast-for- ward - now I'm a medical science liaison, an incredible position in a rapidly growing career field for PhDs. I can't understate the difference between my new career and my old academic lifestyle.”

“I thought I couldn't land a great industry position with only academic experience... Until I became a Cheeky Scientist program member. Now I'm in the position I've always wanted to be as a Scientific Consultant and I have Cheeky Scientist to thank.”

The Association Is Designed For PhDs Who Want To…

  • Get information specifically about transitioning into a non-academic career
  • Learn how to write a resume & cover letter that hiring managers will actually respond to
  • Be more confident in their interviewing skills
  • Create the perfect LinkedIn profile with our team of LinkedIn experts
  • Find out what jobs will fit their personal circumstances
  • Know what options they have outside of academia and research
  • Get beginner and advanced networking advice

Hello, PhD Or PhD Candidate…

  • Are you spending tediously long hours in academia, feeling underpaid, underappreciated, and stuck, not knowing what to do with your PhD?
  • Have you tried to explore non-academic opportunities using your current skills and expertise only to find that you don’t know where to start?
  • Have you sent out resumes and cover letters to industry jobs you are qualified for only to hear nothing back and not even get an interview?
  • Have you been attending networking events and reaching out to people on LinkedIn but not getting any responses?
  • Are you wondering why it’s so hard to get a high-paying job that allows you to use your PhD?

Here's The Hard Truth That PhDs Must Face...

1. Postdocs & Adjunct Professorships Are Skyrocketing

3X increase in the number of people with PhDs who have had to apply for food stamps, unemployment, or other government assistance. (NPR)

360,000 people with PhDs are on government assistance in the U.S. (The Boston Globe)

68,000 postdocs in the U.S. alone are waiting for tenured professorships. (The Economist)

9,000 postdocs in Boston (a single city) are waiting for tenured professorships.

2. Most PhDs End Up Unemployed At Some Point

370,000+ PhDs are granted each year worldwide. (The National Science Foundation)

Only 1,000 full-time tenured professorships open up in that same one year period.

>60% of PhDs will NOT have a paying job at graduation. (Nature Jobs)

>80% of Life Sciences PhDs will NOT have a paying job at graduation. (The Atlantic)

Less than 1 in 1,100 PhDs Will Ever Be A Tenured Professor.

3. Librarians Make More Than Postdocs & Most PhDs

The average postdoc length is 6-10 years across multiple postdocs. (Royal Society)

$46,692 is the average postdoc salary worldwide because very few universities follow government guidelines like those set by the NIH.

$56,880 is the average salary of a librarian. This is over $10,000 MORE than the average postdoc salary. (Labor Statistics)

Career Statistics For PhDs

80% The percentage of life science PhDs who will become unemployed
60% The percentage of all PhDs who will become unemployed
370,000 PhDs granted each year. More than 1,000 per day
99% Gap between PhDs granted and full-time professorships created (NSF)
1 in 1,100 PhDs will ever be a full-time professor (Science)
15 Years Average opportunity cost of doing an academic postdoc (Nature Biotechnology)

Don’t Ignore The Facts

Like all PhDs, you were probably told that academia and obtaining your PhD would provide you with security. It was your way to get the job title and lifestyle you always wanted. People would admire and respect you because you worked hard and became a doctor, which is something that less than 2% of the population will ever do.

In reality, 43% of PhD students won’t even GET their PhD within 10 years of starting graduate school. Somehow, PhDs have ended up stuck with a career and lifestyle that are less than they imagined. With 100,000 PhDs granted in a four-year period and only 16,000 professorships opened in the same time frame, that’s 84,000 PhDs left over every 4 years.

Beat The Odds

Meet Arya

Before joining the Association, Arya submitted hundreds of resumes without hearing anything back. On top of this Arya didn’t have any industry experience.

It gets worse. Arya also needed an industry H1-B visa to get a job.

That’s right – she was stuck in her job search, didn’t have experience, needed a company to sponsor her visa and wasn’t hearing anything back from employers.

As a result, Arya spent 6 months applying for jobs without hearing anything back.

Zero responses.
Zero idea what to do next.
Zero hope.

Arya was a highly trained PhD who couldn’t get a full-time job.

…but that all changed.

Now, Arya is a Medical Science Liaison at Tempus Labs, Inc.

So, what happened?

Arya joined the Cheeky Scientist Association

After joining, Arya followed the Association’s job search blueprint, sent out her new resume to employers and received interview invitations the following day.

Now, Arya is employed in a top-paying position.

That’s right – she went from no visa and no experience and no job to having a top position.

Being successful without industry experience and without a visa might seem impossible, but here’s the truth…

If you have a PhD, it’s never too late to have a successful career.

A very successful career.

All you have to do is change your perspective and change your strategy.

Meet Yuri

Yuri was in the middle of his 6th year of doing a second postdoc when his boss asked him to work for free because their lab just ran out of funding.

Yuri had already been unemployed once after his first postdoc.

That’s right – another highly skilled PhD who had to go on unemployment.

Imagine going to school for 20+ years, doing highly technical work as a postdoc, and having to show up at the unemployment office.

Imagine having to sit there in the unemployment line

Embarrassed and angry while someone asked you, “Did you apply to 4 jobs this week?”

(This is what they will ask you when you show up to the unemployment office to get your unemployment check.)

Imagine being treated like you are lazy.

So, what happened?

Yuri decided to change his perspective and his strategy.

Instead of thinking he could figure out the complicated process of getting a top industry job himself, he joined the Cheeky Scientist Association.

Instead of just uploading his resume blindly to job postings online, he leveraged the Association’s private referral network to get direct access to top recruiters and hiring managers.

Soon after, recruiters for top-level industry positions started contacting Yuri.

That’s when Yuri took a top job as a Medical Science Liaison making $100,000+/year.

But this was just the beginning of Yuri’s success.

Just 9 months after transitioning into his first industry job, Yuri was contacted by another recruiter and promoted to an even better position as a Senior Medical Science Liaison at Amgen.

Now, Yuri has a management position as a Medical Director at Amgen.

Yuri is paid an even bigger salary for doing even more meaningful work.

Yuri’s career and life is a massive success.

Change Your Perspective

Imagine getting ready to leave your postdoc or getting ready to defend your thesis and having dozens of jobs waiting for you—fighting for you.

What would that be like?

If you don’t change your old perspective and your old strategy, it will never happen.

If you don’t change your old perspective and your old strategy, nothing will ever change.

If Arya had not changed her perspective and strategy, she would still be unemployed.

If Yuri hadn’t changed his perspective and strategy, he’d be a 10th year postdoc, or unemployed.

They would both still be poor and unhappy.

No matter where you are in your career, it’s not too late to get into a high paying job that allows you to leverage your PhD and unique skills.

The Association Is The Best Career Investment A PhD Can Make

1. Less Than The Price Of A Semester’s Textbooks

Joining the Cheeky Scientist Association is the best investment you can make this year.

On average, the Association helps its members get an industry job 6 months faster than they would have without joining.

In fact, you can become an Associate for life for less than it would cost you to buy a semester’s textbooks.

You can become an Associate for life and network with high-level industry PhDs and MBAs every day for less than half the price of most scientific conferences.

2. You Will Save $245 Per Day

Consider this—the average salary of a life scientist or physical scientist in industry is $125,937 (The Scientist). The average salary of all PhDs with a life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, education, economics and any other non-humanities background is $91,112 (Science).

This doesn’t count the annual bonuses and premium benefits packages these positions come with.

Either way, that works out to earning over $1,750 a week and over $245 a day. This is what you and your PhD are worth – at least.

3. Association Pays For Itself In 5 Days

The Association’s enrollment fee is a ONE-TIME investment and this investment works out to only $2.73/day over the course of one year. And that’s at the regular price. If you’re using a coupon code, the cost per day is far less.

After that one year, your membership is free for life because all members get access to the Association for life.

If you look at the data in these 3 boxes and do the math… The Association will pay for itself in less than 5 days after you get hired.


The Cheeky Scientist Association represents the world’s #1 non-academic career training program for PhDs. Our Association is a private network of over 10,000 PhDs from over 100 different countries who are currently either in or seeking non-academic careers.

Our mission is to equip PhDs with the resources they need to obtain high-paying industry jobs that revolve around meaningful work. You already have the technical knowledge – we provide the business edge and the industry insider information.

When you become an Associate, you will get immediate access to a private, highly organized and optimized PhD-level job search blueprint. You will also get lifetime access to our private job referral network and instant, real-time feedback from our team of experts on any question related to your job search or your unique situation.


There was a time when getting a PhD was a thing of glory. It was deeply challenging to obtain an advanced degree, but once you had it, career success was inevitable. You were treated as valuable in academia.

But this is no longer the case.

For most PhD students and postdocs, tenured professorship is a lie. Day in and day out, PhDs exhaust themselves and allow academia to chip away at their mental and emotional well-being. The Cheeky Scientist Association is not satisfied with this trend. We are dedicated to showing PhDs something they have forgotten about themselves…

Their incredible value.

We began this journey with an idea – a vision of how the world could be if businesses were run at the highest level by brilliant, hard-working PhDs who were dedicated to making the world a better place. Now, with our network of over 10,000 PhD Associates, we are something more than an idea. We are a movement at the intersection of academia and industry, and we are redefining what it means to be a successful PhD.

Industry needs what PhDs have to offer, and we have the resources you need to change your life with a high-paying, top-level industry career. It’s time to remember your value as a PhD.

We Have Placed Associates In Over 500 Different Top Companies, Including…

These and hundreds of other top companies are actively looking to hire PhDs like you.

They know you have the technical skills and the ability to learn on the job, but what they really want to know is if you have the transferable skills to work effectively in industry.

The Association will train you in these transferable skills and show you how to communicate and leverage these skills on your resume, at networking events, and during interviews.

The Association Is A Private Community Of 12,330 PhDs From 152 Countries

Jeanette Stankowski, PhD
Medical Science Liaison at Biogen

Umar Twahir, PhD
PTD Module and Integration Device Yield Engineer at Intel

Lois-May Young, PhD
Clinical Research Associate, PRA Health Sciences

Patricia Silva, PhD
Data Scientist, Clarivate Analytics

Elisa Guimaraes Souza, PhD
Medical Science Liaison, Janssen

Jessica Kishimoto, PhD
Territory Manager, Ultident Scientific

Regina Gonda, PhD
Social Media Analyst, Bakamo Social

Greg Lambert, PhD
Technical Service Manager/Representative, Teijin Carbon America

Gabriel Villar, PhD
R&D Scientist, Becton, Dickinson (BD)

Anastasia Dian Anggraini, PhD
Marketing Analytics Specialist, Periscope By McKinsey

Vincent Genest, PhD
Associate Consultant at McKinsey & Company

Pallevi Srivastva, PhD
Product Development Specialist for Agilent Technologies

Ron Hunter, PhD
Technical Director of Chemistry, Mérieux NutriSciences

Navein Arumugusaamy, PhD
Investigator, GSK

Michelle Grant, PhD
Medical and Consumer Copywriter, Ogilvy South Africa

Farzana Alam, PhD
Scientist, Eagle Pharmaceuticals

Valeria Padovano, PhD
Research Scientist, Broad Institute

Dignesh Shah, PhD
Associate Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Perspectum Diagnostics

Camillia Barnes, PhD
Software Engineer, Google

Alexis Paez, PhD
Director of Science Outreach, Sales & Marketing, NeuroNexus

Mariano Gonzalo Cardenas, PhD
Application Specialist, NanoTemper Technologies

Abeer Eltanawy, PhD
Quality Assurance Scientist, Schrödinger

Aaron Donahue, PhD
Medical Writer, IC Axon

Ahmed Kamal, PhD
Research Scientist, Beiersdorf

Alex Woychek, PhD
Field Application Scientist, ChemoMetec

Danka Kozareva, PhD
Technician Position, Transpharmation Ltd

Rohan Gokhale, PhD
Research Associate, Nissan Motor Corporation

Vidhi Thakkar, PhD
Medical Writer, Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics

Yoanne Clovis, PhD
Technical Sales Scientist at NemaMetrix, Inc.

Paolo Rusconi, PhD
Regulatory Submission Coordinator at Medpace

Maxwell Caughron, PhD
Data Analyst at Accenture

Galen Miller, PhD
Senior Scientist, Horizon Discovery

Samantha Shelton, PhD
Technical Support Scientist, 10X Genomics

When you join the Cheeky Scientist Association, you get immediate access to…

A private, highly organized and optimized PhD-level job search blueprint, so you can stop wasting time searching through thousands of outdated articles online and stop wondering if other people’s advice is incorrect, biased, or both.

  • As soon as you join the Association, you get immediate access to your own private password-protected membership dashboard, which includes the Cheeky Scientist Core Training Program.
  • This training program includes over 100X training courses presented by our team of successful PhDs, MBAs, and business professionals – all professionally organized into easily digestible modules.
  • The courses are recorded and archived for you to watch or re-watch whenever you want, at your own pace.

A personalized transition plan and transition map, so you can be 100% sure that you’re applying to the right job positions for your unique situation and your unique skills, even if you don’t know where to start in your job search and even if you don’t know what jobs are available.

  • All Associates get access to the award-winning Cheeky Scientist Industry Transition Plan (3rd Edition).
  • This plan takes you step-by-step through the process of figuring out exactly what career you want, what your career strengths are, and which job positions are a perfect fit for you.

Continued and cutting-edge advice from current industry professionals, so you can stop worrying about whether or not the information you’re learning about is up-to-date and correct, and so you can figure out which job positions are right for you even if you don’t know where to start.

  • All Associates get lifetime access to all new Cheeky Scientist training webinars. We host over 50 new training webinars each year with PhD professionals currently working in a wide array of industry positions, as well as with recruiters, hiring managers, resume experts, senior executives, and special guests who have leading-edge expertise in what it takes to get a non-academic job and be successful in industry.
  • You will also get access to our complete “Industry Positions Guide” and “Career Map” which detail the 43 most popular non-academic positions in industry and which roles may be the best suited for you.
  • You also get access to hundreds of private documents and elite industry transition tips that are updated daily so you can be sure you’re always on the cutting edge of your job search and your overall career.

Private, instant, real-time feedback from our team of experts on any question you have related to your job search or to your unique situation, so you can be 100% confident in the decisions you’re making about your transition and your overall career.

  • This includes instant, real-time feedback on your industry resume, on generating job referrals, on interviewing, and on negotiating job offers.
  • By becoming an Associate, you will get lifetime access to our private Association community forum, which gives you direct contact with our Association management team and consultant team, as well as over 700 PhD industry professionals who are also in the private group.
  • You can ask questions, get support, and comment with the entire team of Cheeky Scientist experts in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other Cheeky Scientist Associates who want to talk, network, and share information are waiting on the inside for you, right now.

Lifetime access to our private job referral network, so you can stop spending countless hours trying to figure out how to network with people you’ve never met and don’t know anything about – this group will ensure that you never have to cold contact anyone for a job again.

  • When you become an Associate, you get immediate access to our private, thriving community of 8,000 PhDs from 100+ different countries.
  • That’s right – you get immediate access to an existing network of PhDs who will support you in your job search and even serve as referrals.
  • You will also get access to our new, private Members Directory so you can search for other Associates by their name, PhD background, career interests, location, and LinkedIn profile details

Increased visibility on LinkedIn so you can finally start being contacted by top employers.

  • Once you join the Association and finish your training, you will receive a custom, globally recognized Cheeky Scientist “Industry Trained” LinkedIn badge to put on your LinkedIn profile so our company partners and recruiting firm partners can quickly and easily find you and contact you.
  • As an Associate, you also get access to our full list of company and recruiting firm affiliates, including top recruiters and hiring managers that you can contact directly about industry jobs.

“I knew I wanted to leave the academic track I was on, but I didn't know where to begin to target an industry position. Cheeky Scientist provided me with the supportive network and goal-setting strategies I needed to confidently pursue the best industry career path for my ideal professional lifestyle. I now hold a top position as a Project Manager at Microsoft.”

“Cheeky Scientist helped me target my job search and land multiple job offers from large companies, which I was able to leverage into creating my dream career. Now, I'm running a Medical Writing consultancy and loving every minute of it.”

“I faced constant rejection - inundated with misinformation about my job search. I thought I was supposed to HIDE my PhD on my resume... Cheeky Scientist was exactly what I needed to turn my career around. Now, I work for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.”

“I never got past initial phone interviews in my job search process before joining Cheeky Scientist. It's surreal to think that I'm now a senior manager in the medical science liaison field at Biogen. Resumes, networking, negotiations... Cheeky Scientist knows how to get you into the job of your dreams."”

“I didn't know how to best prepare for my transition into industry, so I struggled to shift out of my long-held academic mindset. Everything changed once I became a member of Cheeky Scientist. Now I work in a top position at Amazon as a research scientist.”

“I'm a biochemist, and before joining Cheeky Scientist, I didn't understand the power of networking. Cheeky gave me the tools I needed to fully engage with professionals in my field. Now I'm a principal scientist at CuraSen. I had the potential, but Cheeky Scientist showed me how to access it.”

Module #1: Resumes & Cover Letters

This module is all about learning how to craft an industry resume and cover letter so you can show employers that you are an industry professional. You will learn…

The difference between an industry resume and an academic CV and how you should structure your resume to ensure that it gets noticed by employers and ends up in the ‘interview’ pile.  

The 8 points of creating a current, industry-optimized resume that will get past applicant tracking software and is scientifically designed to capture recruiter and hiring manager attention (based on peer-reviewed eye-tracking studies). You will get personalized advice on how to edit your resume for the exact industry position you want.

The 5 CSA-tested resume templates that you can use and the situation where you should use each of them. We will teach you how to structure each of these resumes and the information you should highlight in each of them. So, you are 100% confident that you have sent the right resume for each application.

The most important things to consider when writing a cover letter, what you should include and what you should never include if you want to make a good impression.

Module #2: LinkedIn & Networking

This module is all about discovering how a well crafted LinkedIn profile can propel your industry job search and what is the best way to leverage this social media to your advantage. You’ll discern…

The power of LinkedIn as a tool to position yourself in your target industry and why it is better to have no LinkedIn profile at all than to have a bare-bone profile. 

The reason why so many PhDs do not get contacted by recruiters on LinkedIn, even though 87% of recruiters fill jobs by contacting applicants on LinkedIn (CareerBuilder). You will learn how to create an organized, keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile that will attract recruiters and hiring managers to you.

How to identify the keywords that you should add to your profile to ensure that you appear on searches performed on LinkedIn Recruiter – a LinkedIn platform used exclusively by recruiters and hiring manager looking to fill in industry positions.

Module #3 – Job Search Methodology

This module is all about organizing and prioritizing your job search so you can execute the job search process quickly and effectively. You’ll discover…

Why most PhDs execute a job search backward by trying to find the job title they want first and why this often leads to getting rejected at the phone screen stage of the hiring process.

The main aspects you should consider when evaluating what is the best industry position for you based on your desired lifestyle. You will also learn how to evaluate company culture and how to determine if a given company is the right fit for you.  

The 3 factors you need to consider before applying to any company and any industry position. PhDs who ignore these factors never make it past the earliest stages of the hiring process.

Module #4 – Industry Career Tracks

This module is all about determining exactly what kind of professional career you want and how to fit the right company and the right job to this career, even if you have no idea what kind of job you want right now. You will learn…

The most popular jobs for PhDs in the 5 top industry fields and how to determine which of these positions are a good fit for you and your unique situation. If you are an international PhD, you will learn how to get companies from any country to sponsor a work visa or even a permanent resident card for you.

A detailed career map and a key factor you should consider when determining which is your ideal position and how it compares to other industry positions.

The sought-after skills for top PhDs positions such as data scientist, UX researcher, project manager, medical science liaison, and application scientist.

Module #5 – Networking, Info Interviews & Referrals

This module will give you our special “introvert-proof” blueprint for networking and getting job referrals. Here, you will discover…

The essentials of business acumen and corporate strategy so you can start speaking the language of industry, as well as a quickstart guide for setting up informational interviews with current industry employees – this guide makes setting up these interviews easy and pain free.

The two biggest mistakes PhDs make when it comes to networking and why these mistakes prevent PhDs with good social skills from getting hired in industry.

How to get a job in any city and in any country, no matter what city or country you are from. You’ll receive our complete and proven, step-by-step online networking guide so that you can start getting job referrals for positions in the city and country of your choice.

The 9-points of building up industry credibility before you have a job and using this credibility to get direct job referrals, including our system for getting current industry employees to introduce you directly to recruiters and hiring managers. You do not need good communication skills to use this system.

Module #6 – Phone, Video & In Person Interviews

This module provides a complete understanding of everything you need to do to confidently execute a phone screen, video interview, and site visit. After you complete this module, you will have all the tools you need to get a job offer. Here, you will get access to…

The Association’s hiring process flowchart that shows you what to expect during a phone screen, video interview, and site visit, as well as how to prepare for each of these steps, including what to say, what questions will definitely be asked, how to dress, how to sound, how to look, what body language to use, and the 3 things you can do to always appear intelligent, professional, and confident.

Our proven system for researching and leveraging the right company-specific and job position-specific information you need in order to ask the right questions during your site visit – questions that will leave the right impression with everyone you meet during your interview.

Module #7 – Salary Negotiation

This module will teach you everything you need to know to show industry employers that you know your value as a PhD so you can negotiate a higher salary and accept the right offer for you. You will discover…

The 7 sequential steps of negotiating a job offer to increase your annual salary by 7% or more. Our current Associates average a 7.8% bump in salary post-negotiation (that’s $5,600 more a year on an $80,000 salary); some have increased their salaries by 15% simply by asking one single question after getting their initial offer.

A complete framework of questions you can ask once you get a job offer to make sure you cover all the aspects of job negotiation and get a higher salary, signing bonus, relocation package, etc. 

How to create win-win situations, ensuring that at the end of the negotiation both you and you employer leave the table feeling that you won.

Module #8 – Onboarding & Presenting

This module will give you an overview of the onboarding process and the basics of public speaking and industry presentations. Here, you will discern…

The importance of onboarding process, the types most common types of onboarding implemented by different companies, and the best practices you should follow to have a successful onboarding process that guarantees you make a positive impact in your new position. 

Why you should know how to speak in public, no matter your target position, and some good practices that will help you become a good public speaker. 

The 10-point system of crafting the perfect, company-specific presentation, including the 9 pitfalls you need to avoid in order to create a long lasting impact.

You've Done Your Homework. Now It's Time To Take Action And Transition. Join The Association Below Now.