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Application Scientist Career Library

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Reverse-Engineer Your Ideal Application Scientist Position with An Expert-Guided and Targeted Mentor Program

“The Application Scientist Career Library covers a lot of valuable information for PhDs interested in the application scientist career path. The program covers important topics such as the difference between field application and technical application scientists, the knowledge you need to highlight to succeed in the application scientist hiring process, and the career trajectory for application scientists. Gaining experience as an application scientist opens the door for different career moves – both vertical and horizontal – and the Application Scientist Career Library covers this in detail.”

“Each module of the Application Scientist Career Library is packed with a lot of interesting information, as well as easy-to-follow and engaging content. The program does an amazing job describing the role and day-to-day of an application scientist. I found the description of the hiring process and the information about how to give an industry presentation extremely useful. It might seem evident, but it's not that easy to realize all the differences between Academia and Industry and how to present things in these two worlds.”

“The documents in the Application Scientist Career Library are very helpful and well-written! They clearly explain all the differences and similarities between Technical Application Scientist and Field Application Scientist, as well as other positions in the field of applications. I used to have the impression that application scientist was a sales position. So it's great that the program not only explains the differences but dives deep into the day-to-day of an application scientist and the differences between working in a small or big company. I found the last module on Career Progression very useful! I didn't think that there were so many possible positions to do after gaining experience as an application scientist. I realize now all the amazing opportunities that you have by being in contact with so many people and learning so much. ”

The Application Scientist Career Library

Is Designed For PhDs Who Want To…

  • Transition into a growing field that values professionals who understand the science behind different products and equipment and can explain it to a diverse customer base.
  • Help customers make informed decisions about which scientific products and equipment to buy and aid in troubleshooting when challenges arise.
  • Gain clarity on how to break into the application scientist field.
  • Secure a position where you’re sought by recruiters offering high salaries.
  • Influence the products that get developed to enhance the speed of progress and improve reproducibility in science.
  • Get familiar with the terminology and approaches commonly used by application scientists so you can impress future employers.
  • Obtain a non-bench role where you will gain experience and a network you can leverage into a future career in business development, marketing, sales, and more.
  • Apply your technical and communication knowledge to help customers solve their research problems.
  • Learn what the application scientist hiring process looks like and which abilities you should highlight.

The Demand For Application Scientists Is High, And You Don’t Need Prior Industry Experience To Get Hired. You Just Need Your PhD…


Your knowledge—or lack thereof—will play a key role in your application scientist job search.

You may have a PhD, and you may understand that breaking into the field doesn’t begin with resumes.

But you need to show that you understand the market for the products you will represent and are comfortable carrying out productive conversations to convince employers that you can win their customers’ business.

Even though demand for this position is high, you’ll need to showcase specific abilities to edge out your competitors and land your first role in this industry. And you will need to invest heavily in networking because the overwhelming majority of application scientist roles are filled through referrals.

Application Scientist Positions Pay Very Well And Will Open The Door To Industry Positions In Several Departments...

  • The median entry-level salary for an application scientist is $90,000 (LinkedIn), and gaining experience in this role enables a wide variety of career moves that come with corresponding increases in compensation.
  • The global biotech industry’s revenue was $140 Billion in 2016 (Statista) and had been increasing in recent years. This money is often reinvested to create new products that PhDs working as application scientists can represent.
  • There are currently thousands of application scientist job openings (, and most roles are filled before they are even posted.
  • In your first year as an application scientist, you will connect with 500+ new professionals from a variety of different departments, generating relationships that will help you make your next career move.
  • Application scientists develop experience that is ultimately transferable to over 50 challenging and rewarding industry positions.

If You’re A PhD Looking To Transition Into Industry, See If You Answer YES To These Questions…

  • Do you want to play an active role in making sure science research advances as quickly and reliably as possible across sectors?
  • Do you want to learn how to communicate the value of biotech products and equipment to a variety of stakeholders?
  • Do you want to show others working in science how to get the most out of the products they have invested in?
  • Do you want a non-bench role that allows you to stay close to the science?
  • Do you want to travel and interact with a diverse customer base?
  • Do you want to have a say about what products get developed to meet market needs?

Application Scientists Form An Exclusive Group

Application scientists earn fantastic pay, enjoy a wide and diverse network of industry professionals, and get to support the advancement of ground-breaking science.

But these are privileges that they’ve earned.

Members of this group speak their own language.

They know how to keep up to date with technological advances in their market and how to advise customers according to the science behind them.

Application scientists leverage a rare combination of deep technical expertise and outstanding customer-facing capabilities to play an active role in helping customers achieve their research goals and identify new opportunities for product development.

If you want to increase your chances of becoming an application scientist, you can’t apply for this position blindly.

You need detailed information on this position. During your job search, you can’t afford to show you don’t know the theory and/or the applications behind the product(s) you want to represent. You can’t risk revealing that you don’t know how to engage diverse audiences and create confidence in your ability to serve as the face of the company.

To avoid blunders like these, you’ll want to thoroughly understand what it means to be an application scientist and what a typical day for one looks like.

The key experience industry employers are looking for in an application scientist…

Application scientists have a background that empowers them to meet the unique challenges of their position. Your future employer is looking for these qualities. You’ll want an insider’s perspective on how to demonstrate that you have the abilities needed to excel in your application scientist position.

Get familiar with the language and best practices of the application scientist world. Application scientists don’t have a “typical day.” To be successful, you’ll want to show that you have what it takes to juggle a schedule loaded with a diverse array of tasks such as travel, customer education, and technical demonstrations.

Once You’re An Application Scientist, You’ll Experience A Stunning Amount Of Professional Respect, Opportunities, And Flexibility

When you imagine a job where you use your PhD education, you probably think of several key qualities: professional respect, responsibility, and personal autonomy…

Those are some of the reasons you’re attracted to an application scientist position, but here’s something that’s just as important:

These opportunities aren’t confined to playing an active role in shaping the biotechnology market.

Becoming an application scientist can also provide incredible financial freedom.

If you’re currently conducting postdoc work, this can seem too good to be true…

After all, you’re used to earning a salary far beneath your education.

The median yearly household income is $61,937 (U.S. Census Bureau).

But even though you have a PhD, you probably earn well below that figure.

The national average annual salary for postdoc positions is $48,759 (Glassdoor).

But when you become an application scientist, you will be among the most sought-after professionals in the biotech industry, with financial opportunities you’ve never experienced before.

The median annual salary for an application scientist in the U.S is $90,000 (LinkedIn).

And don’t forget that you can leverage your PhD to get into this field even if you don’t have industry experience.

Additionally, your work as an application scientist will allow you to rapidly build valuable business experience and a large and diverse professional network.

You will also have opportunities to branch out into any future role of your choice, such as sales representative, technical support specialist, business development manager, and market research analyst, among others.

Once You’re An Application Scientist, You’ll Experience A Stunning Amount of Opportunities And Professional Respect

3 Important Reasons To Join The Association’s Diamond Program

1. You Want A Non-Bench Role That Keeps You Close To The Science

Application scientists are technical experts whose primary function is to inform customers on the best products and equipment to meet their research goals. Thus, they significantly influence the process of discovery and development for a variety of scientific problems.

2. You  Want To Help Customers Get The Most Out Of Their Products And Equipment.

Application scientists are the face of the company that employs them in the eye of the customer. They are the go-to person for the products and equipment they represent and can uniquely advise customers on the theory and practice they need to overcome technical issues that inevitably arise.

3. You Want To Help Determine Which Products Get Developed To Meet Market Needs.

Application scientists are sometimes considered the medical science liaisons of the biotech industry. They are in a unique position to combine their scientific knowledge with insight gleaned from conversations with customers to suggest new products to meet unmet market demands.

The Application Scientist Career Library Can Pay For Itself In 3 Days Or Less.

An Application Scientist Position Has You Earning Over $1,800 Per Week And Over $250 Per Day…

If joining the Association’s Diamond Program puts you in the field even one week faster, the investment will have been worth it.

After that one payment, you’ll have access to the Application Scientist Career Library, and once you secure your position, you can share your insights with other PhDs like you.

The Application Scientist Career Library Includes An Ongoing Board Validation To Ensure You Are Always Prepared As an Experienced Application Scientist

You will receive an official letter of recommendation from our Application Scientist Mentor Board upon completion of the program.

The Application Scientist Career Library was created and is maintained by a board of application scientists.

As such, each module includes a board-reviewed exam, and once you pass all the exams, you will receive a note of validation from our board.

The Application Scientist Career Library Mission

In the Application Scientist Career Library, we’re committed to supporting you on your journey to landing a top application scientist position by providing you with advanced, actionable strategies for success.

To do just that, we’ve provided extensive mentoring from current application scientists already in industry, leading-edge application scientist-targeted resume templates, and guidance by an intimate group of practicing application scientists and other PhDs aspiring to the role.

We understand why you want to break into this industry.

You want to use your hard-earned technical expertise to support a variety of research breakthroughs.

You want to help diverse customers get the most out of the products and equipment they chose to trust with their funds to achieve their deliverables.

You desire to impact the healthcare and biotech industries, work with different departments of a company, and serve as a liaison between your employer and your customers.

But here’s the reality…

Just because this field is growing doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive.

Frankly, you’re going to need more than a cursory knowledge of the application scientist field to make the best impression with your future employer.

It’s our goal to help you do just that.

The information we’re providing—from informational videos to resumes—is laser-targeted for application scientist positions and is exclusively for PhDs.

There are nuances to the application scientist field that you will find nowhere else.

The Application Scientist Career Library was built by practicing application scientists who are familiar with the role’s nuances. They can provide you with tools and advice on how best to secure a position.

As an application scientist, your employer wants to know that you are an expert in the theory and practice of the science behind the market within which you will operate and can represent the company well in front of diverse audiences.

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to understand what your employer is looking for.

In the Application Scientist Career Library, we provide extensive guidance and personalized support. And our materials are specifically designed to help you showcase both your natural talents and your PhD expertise, so you attract the attention of leading companies.

As A PhD, You Can Transition Into An Application Scientist Role

You earned your PhD with careful thinking and hard work.

Achieving an application scientist position is no different.

You have the work ethic to make this happen.

You simply need to develop an extensive knowledge of the application science field.

We’re here to decrease your learning curve.

And our goal is the same as yours: securing that application scientist job.

We’ve done it.

We’ve helped other PhDs do it.

And you can do it too.

We’re inviting you to join the Association’s Diamond Program.

Now is the time to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

The Application Scientist Career Library Is A Private Group Of Practicing Application Scientists And PhDs Like You


Our exclusive group is private and provides a number of application scientist mentors, ensuring we can provide personalized guidance.

The content is hyper-focused and the private group support prepares you by filling in your knowledge gaps about the application scientist position and hiring process.

In the private group, top application scientists currently working in industry are committed to providing a high level of service within this intimate community.

This means you’ll enjoy a high ratio of mentors to members.

You’ll appreciate how the Application Scientist Career Library is designed to provide personalized guidance and swift feedback.

Imagine Walking Into Your First Application Scientist Interview, But You Don’t Know…

  • The key features of an application scientist presentation. As a result, you present in the same way you did in graduate school, leaving the impression that you are just another academic who doesn’t understand business.
  • How to carry a conversation about scientific products and equipment by yourself, causing you to stumble awkwardly when your interviewers suddenly go silent.
  • What questions to ask to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the role you’re applying for, which means other—more prepared—candidates leave a better impression with the company and edge you out of the job.
  • How to respond when a product malfunctions during a demonstration, which makes it difficult to convince the hiring team of the value of your technical academic background in the application scientist industry.
  • Information about your day-to-day responsibilities, what an application scientist territory looks like, and what you need to do for customer meetings. This causes you to ask questions during the interview that reveal you have only the most basic information on what your role will entail and what you’ll be expected to accomplish.


The Application Scientist Career Library Aims To Get You Hired Into An Application Scientist Role No Matter Your PhD Background…


The Application Scientist Career Library can translate your field of study into an industry position that puts you on the front lines of supporting scientific breakthroughs.

Your PhD has given you the academic foundation that’s critical for securing these jobs.

But the Application Scientist Career Library can help you prove that fact to employers.

We’ll give you information that’s uniquely relevant to the application scientist positions – not medical writing, R&D, or any other field.

The result is intensive, concentrated guidance that shows you how to integrate your academic background, transferable experience, and knowledge of the application scientist field into behaviors that will help you land a position.

When You Join the Association’s Diamond Program, You’re Joining A Program Designed To Build The Knowledge That Helped Other PhDs Land Their Application scientist Jobs

The Application Scientist Career Library was built on tried and true principles that other – current – application scientists used to land their positions.

The program is run by application scientists who’ve landed industry positions and know what professional experiences you’ll need to leverage to improve your chances of being hired.

The knowledge you’ll gain from the Application Scientist Career Library helped PhDs just like you land their first application scientist position to ensure that diverse research projects advance quickly and reproducibly.

Now that these application scientists have used their academic background to successfully transition into industry, they can look back on what helped them secure their application scientist job.

The Application Scientists, Application Engineers, Application Specialists, Field Application Scientists, Technical Application Scientists and Application professionals of all stripes in the Application Scientist Career Library represent tech, biotech, medical devices and beyond, supporting products related to the fields of flow cytometry, microscopy, molecular biology, proteomics, next-generation sequencing, and bioinformatics, among others. The Application Scientist Career Library will help you get hired into an Applications role no matter what sector you want to be a part of and no matter what product you want to support.

The Private Group Provides Targeted Support

Joining the Association’s Diamond Program lets you tap into targeted support from the application scientists who oversee the program and former students who’ve now landed application scientist positions.

In the privacy of the online group, you’ll be able to ask questions about your resume, gain insights into interview experiences from transitioned application scientists, and interact with like-minded PhDs. That means you can engage in conversations on questions, topics, and challenges relevant to the application scientist field.

This group is also exclusive. Only Cheeky Scientist members can see and respond to the messages in the private group.

The exclusivity of the group allows you to freely share ideas with fellow PhDs, request referrals from other application scientists, and get the advice you need when you encounter challenges.

You’ll get immediate access to a top global network of application scientists and PhDs who want to break into the field once you join…


Here’s the Targeted Assistance You’ll Receive From The Application Scientist Career Library...

Module #1

Application Scientist Foundations

You know you want to be an application scientist, but you aren’t entirely sure of all the responsibilities and expectations that come with the role. This module covers…

  • What application science is and what the role of an application scientist encompasses. You’ll get insights on the importance of the application scientist field and the responsibilities of an application scientist.
  • The types of application scientists. There are two main types of application scientist roles: technical application scientist and field application scientist. This module will cover the differences between the two and what aspects you should consider when deciding what type of application scientist role is right for you.
  • The differences between application scientists and sales representatives. Application scientists can work in close proximity with sales representatives, but these roles are considerably different. You need to know what the differences are, and this module will help you achieve just that.
  • The role of application scientists during product development. Application scientists work with different departments of a company as well as customers. They also influence some of the steps of product development. This module will walk you through the different stages of product development and how application scientists influence each of them.

Module #2

A Day In The Life And Relevant Experience

You want to know what being an application scientist looks like and the keys to success in this position. This module covers…

  • What a day in the life of an application scientist looks like. This module explores the main activities that application scientists must perform on a day-to-day basis. It also discusses how to perform each of those tasks efficiently.
  • The differences between a day in the life of a TAS and FAS. The day-to-day of an application scientist varies a lot depending on whether they work on the field or at the company’s headquarters. This module compares and contrasts the daily tasks of a TAS and a FAS.
  • The type of background that application scientists need. Applications scientists need a combination of technical, transferable, and business expertise to succeed in their role. This module explains the differences between the core experience needed and its relevance to application scientist positions.
  • The most relevant experience of an application scientist. This module presents the most sought-after background for application scientists, how you have acquired most of the needed experience during your PhD, and how to leverage your PhD experiences during the hiring process.

Module #3

Application Scientist Job Search Strategy

When it comes to securing a job offer as an application scientist, you can significantly improve your chances with the right techniques. This module covers….

  • Some key strategies to build a network that will help you transition into the application scientist field. Most application scientist positions are filled through referrals, so you need to have a strong network in place before applying for this position. This module will cover the basics of networking and how to set up informational interviews.
  • Critical insights into how to craft a LinkedIn profile and resume that make you look like an experienced application scientist and a strong job candidate to your network and potential employers.
  • What the application scientist hiring process looks like, from phone screen to on-site interview. You’ll also learn what critical questions you can expect during on-site interviews, as well as some questions you can ask to decide if the position is right for you.
  • The difference between an industry and an academic presentation. Most application scientist positions require you to do a presentation during the hiring process. This module will show you how to craft a presentation that will wow industry hiring managers.

Module #4

Onboarding And Career Progression

What steps can you take to continue growing professionally and personally once you secure a position as an application scientist? This module covers…

  • The differences between small and big companies. The daily tasks, amount of on-the-job guidance, and onboarding process for application scientists will vary depending on whether they work for a big or small company. This module will help you decide which company size is the right for you by walking you through what you should expect from each of them.
  • The onboarding process. A good onboarding process plays a significant role in employee retention and job satisfaction. This module presents the most relevant aspects of the onboarding process and what you can do to ensure your onboarding is successful.
  • How to progress in your application scientist career. The application scientist position offers many opportunities for career growth. This module examines which vertical moves are more common for application scientists and what climbing the vertical ladder looks like for this position.
  • What your future may hold as an application scientist. Understand the different career paths you can take once you gain experience as an application scientist. This module will help you understand the potential horizontal moves you can make and how they relate to your application scientist and PhD experience.

As Soon As You Join The Association’s Diamond Program, You Will Also Get Immediate Access To The Following…

  • A complete guide that provides practical information on the application scientist’s role and responsibilities, important industry topics, company culture, and more. You’ll enter the job search knowing exactly what you’re looking for and the expectations of your future employer.
    • The Application Scientist Career Library describes what you’ll experience in a typical week – from managing a schedule loaded with travel and meetings to communicating technical information to a diverse customer base. Instead of entering your interview trying to hide what you don’t know, you’ll be prepared to ask important questions so you can determine if you’d accept a job offer from the company.
    • Discover what kind of position would best suit your academic background and personal interests and get important information on how to gauge a company’s culture. Insider tips will help you make savvy decisions as you vie for an application scientist opening.
    • Understand the make-or-break experience essential for application scientists so you know how to effectively position yourself. Discover how to translate your technical knowledge and ability to communicate into strategies to represent company products and equipment to the company’s customers.
  • Detailed information on customer meetings. You’ll understand the challenges that are at the heart of every customer presentation. You’ll gain knowledge that shows a potential employer that you’ve done your homework and you’re prepared for a successful transition into industry.
    • Understand the role of application scientists in customer meetings, how to give an effective presentation or demonstration, and how to troubleshoot with customers when they encounter challenges using the products you represent.
    • Gain important insights on differences between an application scientist and a sales representative so you’ll fully understand your role in supporting your customers’ research.
    • Discover how to translate your knowledge of the application scientist field into questions that will impress your future company. The Application Scientist Career Library provides important advice to help you showcase your knowledge and passion for the field.
  • Access to the private online group: an exclusive circle of application scientists and fellow PhDs where you can communicate about important topics, request referrals, and ask for the input of other application scientists. Only Cheeky Scientist members are allowed access to this group.
    • Gain guidance from practicing application scientists on your upcoming interview, your newly created resume, or your recent job offer. They’re in the field and can provide advice that’s targeted for your specific needs and questions.
    • Enjoy meaningful conversations with other PhDs in the group. Discuss the latest development in your job search, your current challenges, and more. Learn from PhDs who’ve made the transition and ask for referrals.
    • Leverage the Application Scientist Career Library member’s directory to find other application scientists or PhDs you can connect with. Find members by their name, location, educational background, or other characteristics to aid your job search.
  • Comprehensive mentoring that takes you from understanding the application scientist field to securing your first job. After laying a thorough foundation for your position, the course will cover everything from networking to how to practice for your job interviews so you’re prepared for the hiring process.
    • Over the course of four modules, you’ll enjoy information-packed workbooks, numerous videos from application scientists, and exams to help you cement the concepts covered.
    • Discover effective techniques for successfully pinpointing the best companies, targeting your resume for application scientist positions, conducting informational interviews, and more. The Application Scientist Career Library will show you how to tailor your job search so that you secure an offer for an application scientist position.
    • Discover the career options available to application scientists. You’ll be able to look ahead to the many future opportunities your new position may create.
  • What you need to know about communication as an application scientist, no matter your level of extraversion. The Application Scientist Career Library will underscore the communication techniques that will make a positive impression on your future company and will uniquely qualify you for the role.
    • Gain critical insights into the experience needed to successfully transition from your PhD student or postdoc work to life as an application scientist. The Career Library will show you how to showcase the experience that will get you hired.
    • Discover what hiring managers are looking for during interviews. With the Application Scientist Career Library, you’ll get important tips for how to behave so you distinguish yourself from other candidates.
  • Extensive resources that help you learn the nuances of the application scientist field in-depth.
    • The Application Scientist Career Library provides instant access to extensive video content from application scientists. You’ll also have access to workbooks, video transcripts, and resume templates for application scientist positions.
    • The end of each module provides an exam to solidify the concepts you’ve learned. The Application Scientist Career Library will also provide monthly webinars on important topics relevant to your application scientist job search.

The Career Library Is NOT For You If...

You Hate Engaging Others In Conversation

You’re the person in the lab who knows every technique and instrument inside and out. However, you find that sharing this knowledge with others through conversation leaves you feeling exhausted.

You would rather perform the techniques yourself than educate others about them.

Application scientists use their technical insights to support others’ research through daily in-person meetings. They have to keep conversations about the products they represent, even if the customers they are meeting with provide little input.

If you love scientific breakthroughs but dislike the idea of meeting new people and conversing with them about how your company’s products can help them meet their research goals, then the Application Scientist Career Library isn’t for you.

The Application Scientist Career Library is designed for PhDs who enjoy both science and human interaction.


You Hate Scheduling

You find that looking at a full calendar (even when you are in control of the specifics) induces strong negative feelings.

You prefer to work with few deadlines and commitments. You find having a clear schedule essential to thinking well and performing your best.

As an application scientist, you will have to juggle travel, customer meetings, troubleshooting emails and phone calls, and administrative tasks to be successful.

If you think a full calendar restricts you, then the Application Scientist Career Library is not for you.

The Application Scientist Career Library is for PhDs who understand that a full and well-managed schedule is essential to maximizing productivity and achieving their target outcomes.

You Want to Work in Sales

If you love the idea of selling biotech products and want to increase sale commissions and the number of purchases, then the Application Scientist Career Library is not for you.

If you enjoy adding your opinion to science, if you don’t think it’s necessary to remain objective, if you dislike limiting yourself to unequivocal facts…then the Application Scientist Career Library is not for you.

Application Scientists are not salespeople, they are technical experts who focus on science.

The Application Scientist Career Library is for PhDs who want to take their first step in industry as application scientists and then possibly explore other career paths, including sales and marketing.

Get Access To The Application Scientist Mentor Program & Network

If you’re determined to be an application scientist and you’ve chosen the Application Scientist Career Library to make that happen, we’d like to welcome you.

As practicing application scientists who oversee the Application Scientist Career Library at the Cheeky Scientist Association, we know firsthand the challenges you face, the questions you have, and the information you’ll need to succeed.

We’re ready to empower you to make the transition, and we hope to meet you in the private group soon.

To your success,

The application scientists at the Cheeky Scientist Association

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Field Application Scientist At Akoya Biosciences

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Technical Application Scientist At NanoString Technologies

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Field Application Scientist At Diagnostica Longwood

Asif Khan, PhD

Application Scientist at Curioz Biosystems

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We help PhDs from every discipline get into many different types of careers, including Application Scientist.

We show you how to leverage the skills you already have to get hired into a myriad of industry jobs, including Application Scientist.

We show you how to get the job, not how to do the job because each company has their own proprietary systems and will teach you how to do the job through on-the-job training.

But, before you can get this training, you have to get hired first.

That’s where we come in.

We will guide you on how to use your PhD to get hired into Application Scientist.